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    No it is not what it one was, I think it is a little better, dispatchers are more tolerant, payroll gets it right the first time. Cameras in tractors will protect your butt in situations they couldn't prove before. It is what you make it to be. To each his/her own.
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    With that pay your better off working with Schneider Rail. I work about 35-45 hours a week and make over $1000 gross.($758.00 take home) I only work 4 days (extra days optional) and home every day. Of course you need to work nights if you want to make the money since you will make more because of no traffic.
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    I got offered combo dock and p/d driver in Tampa....anyone here know anything about the Tampa terminal? I want to join teamster's and have great benefits that I don't have to pay but at the same time I don't want to have to work odd hours weekends and all and have to clean up trailers with toppled freight for years on end...I can put up with it for a little while but I can't do it for years. Anyone have any idea about how long it takes to get a better shift/working conditions?
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    It’s all about seniority for shifts. YRC has a lot of old guys that NEED to retire but don’t. After listening to Dave Ramsey podcast. I won’t ever work for a company in serious debt. They are almost 1 billion in debt. That’s not good for a retirement. Why the old guys there have to keep working well past 59. They have a pension but it might not be there when you retire and their 401k isn’t worth a ####. 401k is your best bet to building wealth. Go to a company that has a good 401k you don’t need a pension. Basically leave your wealth in your hands not a pension. Unless it’s a really good pension like UPS.
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