It had been a long time since I'd driven a truck on the interstate

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    I do the same thing everyday, go to the same farms and typically visit the same plant. Does it get boring yes after 3 years I'd have to say so. I enjoy serving my farmers and have gotten to know some of them really well. I consider them my friends. I make decent money at this job and am home daily, it checks allot of boxes, love my truck too. So I had no intention of leaving but had a desire to go somewhere else in a truck besides my usual. I have a farm that's not done in a particularly timely manner... so I asked dispatch, if I'm loading 2 trailers for Campbell on a day I've got treadwell farm (which is habitually late) and im not going to oatka (the plant I usually visit once a day) I'll go to Campbell ny. My loaded trailers either go to Campbell or oatka. I did a load to Campbell the other day and I absolutely loved it. Now they are giving me a load to Campbell when it doesnt go to oatka. In the past when I would load 2 for Campbell i would drop both in the yard. A transport driver would take both of them to Campbell ny.

    It helps them, I make more money instead of just waiting at the farm, and i get to go on a nice 140 mile drive. Last time I did it, it took 4hrs and pays $95. I'm leaving from a farm and returning to a different farm so the load takes me less time then it would a transport driver.

    It's a win for dispatch and a win for me. I enjoy the trip and get to drive a few miles. This job is working out well, after 3+ years I dont plan on leaving. I now also have over 3 years of tanker which is probably good experience to have. I have no regreby.

    Campbell is a plant off I86
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