J.B. Hunt announces inward facing cameras

Discussion in 'Discuss Your Favorite Trucking Company Here' started by Jebster, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. Jebster

    Jebster Light Load Member

    Jun 30, 2012
    Fairborn, Ohio
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  3. RockinChair

    RockinChair Road Train Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    CC, TX
    Well, not anymore.

    I'm really glad they didn't have inward-facing cameras back when I used to have a woman riding on the truck with me.
  4. drivingmissdaisy

    drivingmissdaisy Road Train Member

    Jun 10, 2019
    My company just installed the newest inward facing cameras, installed right on the dash in front of you, and they record EVERYTHING you do. If you hold a phone or any device, it sends the video off into lala land. Flip off a driver, same thing. If it detects your eyes stay closed too long, same thing. Well the problem is, I have light sensitivity so as SOON as the sun comes out I'm in sunglasses, even during rainstorms. So that camera is useless for that. When they originally sold us on the cameras they said it was for "our protection in an accident". Funny, the only thing it's been good for is getting written up for holding a cell phone because I received a text from dispatch to the work phone after telling them that my headset is no longer working after sitting up for 8 months while I was recovering from being shot so if you send me a text, I have to pick up the phone to read it and you know I'm driving so I'll assume the text is very important and so I will pick up the phone while driving if there is no immediate safe place to pull over. Same thing with phone calls. They said ok that's fine. I told them a new headset was on order but would be at the house when I got back home.

    Then 2 days later they sent me a text. A few days later wrote me up for reading it and responding with "voice to text" I didn't even text on the #### phone. In my last 2 weeks in the truck, I passed hundreds of big rig drivers holding their phones and talking. I didn't even do that. I picked up my phone, read a one sentence text, responded by voice with "ok thank you" and put the phone down. Written up.

    Now understand, I have no accidents, no tickets and no critical events on my truck in 3 years of driving with this company. But I've been written up for saying "ok thank you" into a cell phone. ONE TIME.
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  5. zodiacflyer

    zodiacflyer Heavy Load Member

    Aug 25, 2014
    I see a hundred or so drivers every day that I wouldn’t trust with a cozy coupe.
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  6. ducnut

    ducnut Road Train Member

    Dec 31, 2010
    Life of trucking, these days.
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  7. KaoMinerva

    KaoMinerva Transcendent God

    Feb 5, 2016
  8. cdubose

    cdubose Bobtail Member

    Nov 10, 2022
    I'm convinced they're selling that AI #### (the camera companies, not the trucking companies) to help make "self-driving" trucks.

    That being said, I work for a company with inward-facing cameras because it's hard to find good ones without them. All the #### companies or super trucker companies (Dynamic Transit, Monson and Sons, Brady Trucking, Western Distributing, etc.) seem to be the only ones without them nowadays. Luckily they don't bother too much about them at the company I'm at, but I don't like that all that data gets routed to a third party company that does who-knows-what with it.
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  9. Coover

    Coover Road Train Member

    Dec 9, 2016
    You would be correct.
  10. '88K100

    '88K100 Road Train Member

    Aug 23, 2020
    inward facing cameras sole purpose is to hang the driver, in some cases absolve the company of liability no doubt
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  11. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    I'm sure there are some savings in the insurance department.....
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