J.b Hunt Road Test And Orientation

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    Nov 13, 2007
    I hear a lot of bad things about there orientation:biggrin_2551: I just want to know the key facts about there road test and anything else that would help me out about this company:biggrin_2552:
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    Nov 15, 2006
    plainfield, indiana
    I have been pretty low key on this forum in the last several months, mostly due to the fact that I left Roehl due to a situation with my daughter and her dad. Well, soon after I had to try to find something more local and well with less than a yr experience that was not easy, then I ran across jb hunts' web site and found a regional dedicated account position, I inquired and went to orientation in chicago, this is how it went:
    Day One, mostly paperwork in the am and such. In the late pm and early afternoon more paperwork and learning the "smith system" driving techniques (all common sense driving skills, nothing new there)
    we broke off into groups and wnt out in the company vans to practice the "smith system".
    Day Two, class was even smaller (started with about 27) road test, I was in the drivers seat about maybe 10 min there were 3 of us in the truck and we were back within 20 minutes.
    then there were the DOT physicals, really intense, rthey go way beyond my first one I had, you are given a crate of weights (about 50lbs) and you have to walk back and forth 10 times carrying this thing at waist level, then they have this wood thing that represents a trailer, they want to see if you can climb in or have trouble, then there was the dreaded stair step thing, for 5 min you have to step up and down on that thing with the beat of a clicker thing or something, then at the end just before you die, your heart rate is monitored every minute for about 5 minutes (about) then you have your drug testing-simple you know how it works, however if you are going on a dedicated account you have to submit hair samples they kept cutting away chunks but they take underneath layers so it does not show.
    Day Three, was all about finalizing paperwork like benefits and things, pretty short day.
    I was originally told I would be home 1 or 2 times through the week and off weekends, not true, I am home nearly every day, I have it made, I am happy in that aspect, money, well not too great but I choose to be home and I am still in my first year so I can't complain too much, I am still kind of embarassed that I drive for this company as I had always said never, I listened to the folks on this site and said no way in hell, but here I am, it is out, I have come clean, though I am still looking for something with better pay, (I was bringing home about $725, last couple of weeks it has been at $550, due to the warehouses depleting their supply for next yrs production. If not for the low pay I would stay, it has worked for me, so there you have it.
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    Nov 13, 2007
    thanks for the info!!!!!
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    Nov 12, 2007
    yea you will see ... there are pros and cons when it comes to every company .. some have great experiences and some have it bad ... depends on the situation, home time, trucks, etc .. personally for me, as long as i have a rider policy , now that my kids are 20, 18 and the youngest lives with his mom far away from me now and is 12, as long as i have a rider policy i can care less when i get home or if i get home .. my 20 yr old is now in the air force, 18 yr old went to college and 12 yr old as stated lives 5 states away ... so the only thing i am looking for is a rider program and where i wont have to drive with a trainer for 6 weeks. i have over 5 yrs experience and dont need to make the trainer money for 6 weeks while i drive all his miles .. for that B.S. if it comes to that , i will drive local ... my heart is in driving truck, always has since i was a wee young lad, pay rates, home time, benefits, i can careless.. as long as i am driving .. but this again, is my personal situation, as long as i bring home 550 or more a week i dont care .. as long as i run safe and legal ...

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