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    you carry the refrigerator in and install it same as stove and dishwasher
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    The way it was explained to me is they do work for a bunch of different customers like for example say someone buys a stove from amazon JB Hunt Final Mile Services delivers that product to the customers home and installs the appliance. But the also deliver appliances to retail stores also so it's not just installation only. It's a multitude of tasks. It's a very specific division they have and on paper and the way it was explained to me it's sounds fun and interesting I was just hoping to get some response from some people actually doing this with JB Hunt to see if it is what they say it is. Cause you know how things are in trucking.
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    it is not a bad account. I know several drivers on FMS in st Louis and I know on of the account managers. Jb hunt wil put you through a course to train you how to install the appliances or what not. Last time I was there I heard they delivery a lot more than appliances to. They are straight truck oriented and have 28 ft pup and 48 or 53 ft trailers for longer hauls. I know the drivers are home everynight even if you go on a long haul. Down here in texas the drivers are rumored at averaging 825 a week, But in Missouri I know its higher and you wil make more than what they say the average is. Benefits are good and the company is a lot better to work with from way back when. I have been with JB going on 13 years and never had major problems with them. I believe the installers have a helper ide with them to manage the deliveries also. any questions feel free to ask, I have my sources onthis account if I cant answer questions. Don't listen to they negative heads that comment about this account.

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    Installation of appliances such as microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, cook tops, high end and low end appliances and miscellaneous products, be it at job sites or home delivery, the pay is per stop and pay per minute for installing. Each FMS yard has different pay scales and treat the drivers and helpers differently, it can be labohor intense at times, but you are home nightly. JBhunt has a very excellent safety program threw out, pros and cons ether you get a politically correct over kill supervisor or you get a down to earth base on reality supervisor that you work under... Respectfully
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    My wife bought a treadmill/clothes hanger from Amazon and JB FMS delivered it. I talked to the guy, who was with the company for about two months, and he seemed to like it. He was pulling a 28 ft pup and had a helper.

    FMS, Final Mile Service, refers to the last miles something is delivered. From raw materials to the factory to the warehouse to the store and finally to the end consumer.
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    I was on the FMS account for about a month for daily home time. Its a beating on your body and the pay pretty much sucks, they work you like a slave and could care less if you get hurt from the crappy way the dc loads the trucks. Im headed back to a DCS account.
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    I just got an interview for this exactly same position out of Louisville ky. They literally mean install appliances (refrigerator, microwave, ect.) but I'm still wondering if the pay and hours are what they are saying they will be. Haven't had my interview yet and I'm looking for someone who does a "final mile" local run....
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    Finally I can read more than 1 out of 20 good posts about JB Hunt
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    Here is the truth 100% accurate , as far as the pay go's you will be able to come close on calculating your weekly gross with in $75.00 up or down if your under what you thought you would be paid you should sit down with the Mgr and have him show you in writing why. None CDL drivers .25 to .30 per mile lets take the worst product on the list <Refrigerator> pays 17sku min that is to take it out of the package and remove the doors if needed to fit into the home, this is a uncrate Sku a full install and take the old one back to warehouse would .28sku min plus you can make some on the miles you drive to the stop plus depending on the market $1.80 to $5.00 a stop Chicago is $4 so the higher the cost of living they'll pay a littler more. all pay is scaled on a Tier system lowest is no cdl, class B some markets .48cents to start to .55cents top out on mileage Sku pay by the min .30cents per min to .39cents per min class A is .60 to .74 cents per mile also depends on your market. they will tell you ... your going to work with a helper that makes min wage or maybe $1 more that will help you , that is a 50 // 50 shot remember your working by the job he is working by the hour, most cases he will be working against you ... overall if you don't mind working your butt off and seeing other drivers given special treatment , because of who's ### they kiss to get routes that pay more and work way less hours this is the JOB for you.
    Lets not forget the mgr that will tell you if you don't feel safe don't do it, unless it's Minneapolis MN -35dg and 2inches of ice under 10 to 16inches snow or some other poor climate area of the U.S. and 10 stops and 475 miles to get the route competed and the MGR says , hey!! I drove my 4 wheel drive truck to work you can do your job or I'll find someone who can ... Get ready for the bullying the threatened remarks if you can't do it I'll find someone who can, the best one is" the Driver is the Captain of the ship"" but I'm the Mgr and I feel it's safe to operate regardless of what your position is. GOOD LUCK and there is additional pay for the count of major product on the truck >30cents to >39cent per piece you deliver or pick up .. Hope that helps you make an informed Decision they want you to work 12 hours plus but no more than 14hours a day <THIS IS NOT A TRUCK DRIVING JOB> they want to sell it as one...... if your a 5 foot to 6 foot 8 truck driver with a 2million mile gut this job will trim you down to a 32 to a 36 inch waist in about 6months and a 100 to 181 blood psi to go with that trim look,,, good the the bad and the ugly , most of your big true blue steering wheel holders wont be able to hack this job for 30days let alone 180days...
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    I hope that nobody took this job. I did this for three months in 2010 in Austin, TX and it was the worst three months of my life. You are grated like dirt, threatened for your job and sometimes I took home about $300 per week. I would seriously rather flip burgers at McDonalds than ever do this again. Don't do it!!!
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