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  1. snowez

    snowez Light Load Member

    May 15, 2013
    Deciding between JB Hunt Intermodal or Averitt Regional

    narrowed it down to these because they have auto’s. Terminal in my city, and have weekends off.

    anyone have experience with any of these guys? The pay is about the same between both.

    like Averitt for terminals literally in ever major city in the southeast and APU’s with nice trucks.

    JB Hunt for guaranteed 2 days off not just a 34 reset and like the accessory pay like $34 for live load, $24 for D/H. Their trucks look a little run down though.
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  3. tscottme

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    Jul 25, 2008
    Nashville, TN
    I worked for Avrt for 18 years on Nissan Dedicated account south of Nashville, TN. Good company, good benefits (under $50/mo for single), good maintenance, profit-sharing & 401k. It's a good place for those of us that don't think boy scout is an insult. Not good for cowboys. OTR Regional is hit and miss for getting miles based on which Service Center/terminal you were at. Nashville drivers said miles were terrible, probably too many drivers. Other Service Centers in Carolinas and Georgia got a ton of miles. There are a lot of dedicated accounts if you ever decide you want more predictability. NEVER EVER consider any Dollar General or other dollar store type of account with any trucking company unless you are an expert at backing and dealing with angry, unmotivated customers. The pay on my dedicated account was moderate, at best. It started with lots of time off and regular schudules and ended with customer required 6 day weeks for my last 5 years for us home-daily drivers. I miss the company, but the paychecks were just OK. 1st class operation and people.
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  4. lual

    lual Medium Load Member

    Oct 22, 2020
    SW Georgia
    @snowez, former intermodal driver here....

    You need to find out from other drivers what the relevant rail/shipyards are REAL-LY like, for that intermodal position.

    I ran intermodal out of a railyard near Atlanta. The entry/exit process there was a TOTAL MESS, & would often bleed my DOT clock severely.

    Also--far too often--we would wait FAR TOO LONG for our containers to be loaded on our intermodal chassis, in same yard.

    Just because a yard sports the latest cool hi-tech gadgets--doesn't mean it will consistently operate with the resulting levels of efficiency you'd expect.

    While you're at it--ask these same drivers what other consistent problems they have encountered in these same yards (poor bathroom access, parking too tight, nasty yard jocks, etc).

    If JB Hunt is setting you up for similar, you need to know--before you go.

    Before you invest--investigate.

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