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Discussion in 'JB Hunt' started by landy77, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    Now I have read a lot about how recruiters lie and will tell you anything. I have spoken to a lot of different companies and from what I have heard is consistent to what I have read about average milage and pay per mile.
    J.B. Hunt calls and leaves me a message that says, "Give me a call back, there are some hot jobs in your area that just opened up today. Call as soon as possible so you dont miss out". First off hee comes across as a used car salesman, second I know of all the open trucking jobs in my area already, third if the jobs are so HOT why isnt he going after them? This proved how truthfull the opinions are about JB Hunt and its recruiters.
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    Oct 14, 2010
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    Yes I agree that some recruiters will "stretch the truth" about the job. I also know that when drivers are listening to the spill that the recruiters are telling them that they tend to only hear what they want to hear and therefore sometimes only get half the story. They show up for orientation thinking one thing because that's what they wanted to hear and find out just the opposite - so obviously its the recruiter lied right....NOT!

    Used car salesman: may be a bit over the top...perhaps just more overly enthusiastic.

    You may very well know of all the hot jobs in your area....but the recruiter doesn't know that...not to mention, things do change.

    Why isn't the recruiter going after the job...well duh...he probably doesn't have a cdl...like the majority of recruiters out there he is just a desk jockey. If he has a cdl then maybe he is just tired of driving decided to give the office a try... who knows but the bottom line he has a j.o.b.!!!!
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    Do recruiters lie? DUH... BUT...JB is no different than any other company in that regard. The difference is that JB has alot going on and winning bids all over the country. They might have just one a new account in your area and need drivers asap. If you get in first you might get special perks that come with "seniority".
    The first time I contacted these guys about a job they told me that the only thing they had was a Lease deal. I said hell no and left it at that. Several monthes later they built a DC in my area and needed 40 drivers ASAP. I got on and got lucky in my opinion.
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