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  1. notsobigal

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    Mar 26, 2009
    Thanks for your insight srvmcmxc. I'm still trying to decide whether to take a chance with JB Hunt or go back to PAM where the pay is not great but at least I know what to expect. With a year local experience and 3 months otr I still don't have a lot of choices. I don't understand why JB is willing to pay 7 cpm more than anyone else for my experience level. Do they have a higher turnover rate than most other companies? If they are no worse than any other company why are they willing to pay so much more?
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    May 9, 2008

    If you can't ascertain why the position would be undesirable I think you should take the bigger money and not look back.

    I had the same hesitancy when a recruiter was promising me significantly more than anyone else. I finally decided that I needed to take the risk or else leaving potential earnings on the table would eat at me. I went to orientation waiting for another shoe to drop. They paid my transportation to orientation, put me in a real nice hotel and feed me 3 meals a day. I learned about the insurance and the 401k and benefits offered. I kept waiting for the catch.

    It's been going on 3 years now and yeah they have a few jerks in dispatch and from time to time you might be disappointed if you empty out before receiving a preplan. You might be P'oed for getting home late from time to time. But guess what? Those types of issues are common problems with just about all trucking companies.

    Yes they pay higher than most. Yes their equipment by and large is nicer and better maintained than most. So what's the catch? The catch is they expect their drivers to be professional and to make safety and communication their highest priorities. They also have a zero tolerance policy concerning drivers deliberately breaking rules.

    Be safe, follow the rules and have a good attitude and you can make significantly more money than you ever would at PAM. And with all the kinds of positions (like DCS and intermodal) you will have far more options for transfers if you see greener grass elsewhere within the company.

    But of course, if you rather stay in your comfort zone and make 750 a week go ahead and stay at PAM. I don't mean this as mean spirited and I have no vested interest in who you drive for. I'm just trying to help you out with my first hand knowledge and experience with JB.
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    Mar 31, 2011
    I again agree with RoadKill,
    When I got fired it was because I let myself get irritated at a fleet manager that probably only had the best of intentions (getting safety instilled in all her drivers) and then tried what ever I could do to piss her off. She ultimately had the upper hand but looking back that whole situation that played out over my last couple months with them could have been much different.
    They do pay more then most and they don't run as many miles as some but you get paid the same if not (most times) better then other companies. Safety is their utmost concern and even now kinda irritates me cause I can run so much more then they (OR THE GOVERNMENT) allow. But again, I am truly getting ready to go back but this time as a Lease Purchase....NOT listening to anything others say as there are alot of JB bashers out there but listening to the sound advice from O/O who can give me an honest look into what it takes to succeed regardless of which company you lease onto. ( I know it does matter but know JB isn't as bad as many want to make it out to be).
    ADVICE: Take Roadkills advice and mine....go to JB Hunt with an open mind and with the attitude that you will follow and listen to and follow their rules and you will do alot better then you are doing now...Not saying they are the best, but saying they are alot better then most and if they're willing to give you the chance, take it.....their turnover is no better or worse then most trucking companies, they just get alot more publicity (most of the time bad) then any other...Not cause they deserve it, but because they are an easy target.....
    Hope this helps you make a good and sound decision. Best of luck to you and if you decide to go, maybe I'll see you there shortly :)
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    Mar 27, 2011
    Los Angeles,Ca
    Ive been reading the JB Hunt post's over the last few days since I will be attending orientation on Tuesday, first of all I never in a million years thought I would be working at JBH, use to make fun of those ugly yellow bus trucks back in the early 90's as we blew by them in our IH 9300 with Formula 350's and Triple Trailers, fast forward through a number of Teamster Companys to 2007 when I stepped out of a rig, had two knee and r/elbow (before automatics we shifted gears) surgerys,yes trucking will destroy your joints over time and started a business and thanks to the mortage crisis it imploded last year, thought I could answer a few job listings and be back behind the wheel in a flash, boy was I mistaken..!. I did get an offer from CRE but would have to attend a refresher course and basically work for minimum wage OTR 48 state for the first 4 months and ride second seat, probably have more miles backing up than my "Trainer" has going forward, while waiting for CRE's class to start I was in talks with JBH and must say was impressed with there recruiting dept, got all my info verified and after a 3-day orientation will be behind the wheel and running a regional route which btw is what I prefer, so the long and short of it is I feel a debt of gratitude to them and for all the whiners I read on here my advice to them is you get what you give and would love to see them in the shoes of a FM or Dispather dealing with not only "you" but many others like "you" all the while making sure the customer, btw thats the person who pays your wage is happy so that one of the other Mega Carriers doesnt steal away the account, it's not only about "you", be a proffesional, give and take and you will prosper, just my two cents.
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    Oct 4, 2008
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    Man i work out of Harrsiburg,Pa as a regional intermodal driver...JB HUNT doesnt deserve the crticism they recieve..If all anybody can say is they safety minded to the extreme thats fine in my book. I run 2900 miles a week at 43cpm..off the weekends and home really every night even as regional driver. i dont bring home nothing less 850 a week. thats after taxes 401K and etc...So Jb hunt is good choice....
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    Jul 15, 2009
    Monroe, NC
    I agree that JB Hunt dosent deserve so much crticism. And yes, they are big on safety. If you have a problem with that then your in the wrong business. It's not all roses, but I've worked in other fields and nothing is perfect. Been with JB four months now, and they called me today about a new dedicated account starting up. They said my logs are good and I have no SAFETY violations. Thats always good to hear.
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    Feb 4, 2011
    svrxmcmxm, why didnt you deliver in new orleans, drive to slidell at the ta and meet your friends there?? you let being there for a partytime get you fired.
  8. why not Jbh

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    Jul 3, 2011
    jacksonville fl
    I have been wit hunt for 20 YEARS this november. I started as an OTR driver. I drove Almost 700,000 safe miles and have been promoted through the safety department, operations, and now i am in the maintenance dept. This is the strongest most diverse truck load carrier in the industry. Thats the smoke.. All the rest is fodder. I am exreamly happy here and although there is numorous posts on this blog, remember one thing it is your decission just ask who ever your interviewing what the companyoffers as far as choices, OTR, regional, local, intermodal dedicated, the choice should be easy! Good luck to you, and stay safe
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    Nov 22, 2010
    I bobtail'd home today from Green Bay. Either I'll have to look for an MT on the 7th, or they'll just let me bobtail into Georgia Pacific in Green Bay and pick a load up from there, since I just dropped a load off for them today.

    That was pretty treacherous, though. Was running up on US-41 and that thunderstorm almost blew my ### off the road. I had to slow down under 30mph with my flashers on.
  10. MilwaukeeTrucker

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Fort Worth,TX
    Im thinking of going with JBH as a intermodal out Chicago and delivering in Wisconsin since I live in Milwaukee.
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