JBHUNT Ruined my career and DAC.

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by DonPissedOff, Mar 8, 2009.

Drivers do you think you are the backbone of this country?

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  1. Crotts Trucking

    Crotts Trucking Medium Load Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    Duncan, AZ
    There are a lot of companies that dont use it. they are just smaller companies.
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  3. greaterbaatezu

    greaterbaatezu Light Load Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    I feel for ya dude. I also had a great career OTR, but Marten Transport ruined me the same way. I didn't have an accident though. I am a person who pays alot of child support. I have five children, myself, and a wife who all were using my company's medical insurance (they are self insured). They refuse to reimburse any cat scales for loads that are less than 42,000 lbs gross declared weight. I was on a load that was only 35,720. I picked up at a shipper who detained me for 13 hours and would not allow me on the dock during loading. Their scale showed me being legal. Three state scales, including Illinois, showed me being legal. Wisconsin's showed me being 900 lbs over on the drives and pulled me in for a level one DOT inspection. I hadn't crossed all my t's or dotted all my I's in my log book, causing me to get 4 warnings. No shutdowns, no citations, just warnings. The inspection took over an hour and a half, making me 40 minutes late for delivery. Marten terminated me for "overall unsatisfactory performance", even though my overall ontime delivery percentage over four years is over 99%. When I filed for unemployment, they added insubordination to the termination (after the fact). Wisconsin found me to not be guilty of misconduct and I am currently collecting. My DAC report however, is bad enough with what I feel is slander, that crete, shaffer, swift, jb hunt, werner, schneider, and several little outfits won't hire me. Looks like I'm gonna have to ride the unemployment wave til it sputters out and hope the economy picks up before then so I can get back to work.
  4. techwilson88

    techwilson88 Bobtail Member

    Jul 17, 2009
    Some where, IA
    Get the info from the guy and take it to the insurence company and tell them about the froad they would love to ask them about it.
  5. grc56_tn

    grc56_tn Light Load Member

    Jun 24, 2009
    all over
    I was almost screwed by DAC .... I moved to TN from OH in 2004 .... a vindictive ex-wife claimed I owed child support (which I didn't) in Jan 2005 .....an OH judge ordered it so and put a suspension on my OH license which I did not have at that point (OH is not required to notify license holders of suspension) I've had TN license since 2004 ... I found out about this in July of 2005, appealed and in Sept of 2005 received a court order correcting the matter ordering OH to remove the suspension ...... In may 2009, I discovered OH did not lift the suspension and sent copy of court order dated 9/25/2009 to OH dmv ... they lifted the suspension but dated it 5/2009 ..... I can not get them to correct the date ..... keep in mind this is a suspension for a license I didn't/don't have .... I have been refused employment bacause DAC still reports the incorrect suspension dates ..... I have sent DAC the dispute including the court order and they will not correct the date stating it is a DMV matter ...... fortunately Roehl looked at the court order and has accepted me .......
  6. greaterbaatezu

    greaterbaatezu Light Load Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    Marten lost their appeal. Their ejaculation of termination was most premature. Turns out they've been getting their teeth kicked in at the unemployment review board... letting alot of guys go over ######## and now they're having to give money straight out of their pockets for nothing rather than atleast making us earn it. Morons.
  7. LookemntheEye

    LookemntheEye Bobtail Member

    Sep 30, 2008
    JbHunt is run by just a few knuckleheads out of Lowell, and yes they are vindictive and will put bogus carp on your DAC report. My advice is that you fight the DAC report until your crap is removed, it will come off.. those idiots up there in Lowell get a kick out of ruining drivers,, but they cant hide behind the desk forever,,,,Many companies dont even review the DAC reports anymore because they know that 90% of it is BS... especially since the reporting is coming from the same few guys out of Lowell, Ak. I got this info from some top dogs in the industry,....
  8. pothole74

    pothole74 Bobtail Member

    Aug 13, 2009
    J.B hunt is like telamarketers they call me 2 days ago pretending to be another company before putting me on the phone with a j.b recruiter.Anyone who lies like that in my opinion isnt good.I told them my story and they could not hire me 15 min later another recuiter called:biggrin_2551:
  9. pinebars

    pinebars Bobtail Member

    Jan 25, 2009
    libertyville il
    so how bad is jb hunt to go O/O for is it a real bad move
  10. loveofamother

    loveofamother Bobtail Member

    Mar 3, 2009
    This company is just so worthless.MY poor dh has been there three month within that three month he brought home 5 checks. they have lied to him so many times. Sorry if this doenst make alot of sent im just upset to know end right now. So he calls them and tells him at his 90 day mark i want to turn the truck back in they go on to tell him your hire date was the 8th not the 10th sorry you will not get back your money you paid in and you need to give 30 day notice. Then it went onto we will switch you to pay pre mileage if you will try it out for month and then you can walk away. then it was you will be charged 3600 if you term before the next 90 days is up. Which he called me and i told him to tell them to stick it where the sun dont sunshine.Last night he was told oh deadhead to the yard will have your bus ticket home in the morning.Now they say sorry but you will have to sit tell monday to get that bus ticket.Now my poor dh is sitting down there with no money no food and no money at home to send to him or get him bus ticket.Ive been married to this man for almost 9 yrs and we have never ever been treated like this by any company he has been at.So i said to anyone looking for job stay the heck away from them.They play nice for the 1st month and after that well you get to sit back and see how much you can lose.Let me add this there was 17 that was in with my dh now there are only two left one being my dh. In less then 90 days grrrrrrrrrrrr. Sorry for the vent
  11. SS Performance

    SS Performance Bobtail Member

    Aug 25, 2008
    I drove for JB and had an "accident".

    A mini-van pulled into my lane about 30 feet in front of me and slammed on thier brakes.

    I hit them. The state police did not ticket me. The damage on the vehicle I hit was so little the tail lights still worked. The mini van did not require a tow truck and was able to drive away.

    JB said the accident was preventable. I was a O/O and the fired me in Louisville KY. Home is NJ. They stripped the lettering and base plate off my truck and through me off thier property.

    By the time they were done I owed them over $1500.00 because of the "accident" even though they never paid the claim for the mini-van. One of the passangers admitted they pulled infront of my truck causing the accident. Even though I was making the payments as setup by JB they turned me over to a collection agency, I never missed a payment or was late. But they decided to mess up my credit rating for some reason.

    I had another job with in 2 weeks. I have not looked at my DAC.

    So don't dispair find a smaller local company that you can explain your situation to. There are companys out there that will listen.

    Good luck.
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