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Discussion in 'JBS Trucking' started by Jynxx, May 15, 2011.

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    Just one more nail in the coffin of company sponsored/mandated per diem compensation plans. That's one I had neglected to mention, thanks for pointing it out.

    Generally, most companies assume they are going to be paying all of the government required taxes, and possibly some additional benefits exclusive to any particular co. in an effort to retain the best employees, and calculate these costs into arriving at the amount they have to charge their customers to provide whatever service they are offering. The government affords certain tax breaks to businesses to encourage compliance, and can penalize them harshly for willful non-compliance. With my own company that I started 36 years ago, I eventually found it essential to hire a full time comptroller who would crunch the numbers for me so that I always had a clear picture of where I needed to be in regard to pricing strucure. In a tight and competitive marketplace, trucking companies have found a way to reduce the cost of compensating their employees by holding out an illusory "carrot at the end of a stick" with the promise of "...More Money In Your Pocket!" In some exceptional cases that may be true, but more often than not the driver will end up with less money in his pocket and the company will then 'Pocket' the difference. Your own experience is a good example.

    Far from being "...ONE SIDED...." the two OOIDA articles referenced in post #27 were only "...ONE SIDED...." in that they arrived at a different conclusion than SRV.......(whoever) would have preferred, not in their treatment of the topic. Furthermore, I take issue with the frequent misnomer of govt. mandated insurance programs as "...entitlement programs." Over the last 45+ yrs I have paid in far more than I could ever realistically hope to recover, even if I should live to an impossibly ripe old age!! But I don't begrudge that expense any more than I do having to pay for govt mandated auto insurance, even though up to this point I have never had to use it for anything other than windshield replacement or an occassional tow. Nor do I resent having to pay property liability insurance even though I have never benefited personally from from having been covered. There are costs associated with being a law-abiding citizen. With those costs comes the rightful expectation that contractual promises will be kept when predefined and agreed upon circumstances warrant it. To infer that such citizens are: money grubbing, self serving, stupid, ignorant, poorly educated moochers, is just silly.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    nw pa
    #### I wanna learn about the co not per diem
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    Mar 31, 2011
    What would you like to know brother?
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    Feb 27, 2006
    How long do you have to stay out?
  6. Rakeemn

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    Dec 2, 2011
    San Antonio, Tx
    Taking off from San Antonio on Monday Dec. 5th and wanted to see if anyone can give me however much info they have as far as what to look forward to in orientation. Guess right now one of my biggest questions is if it snows this weekend which im sure it will and the roads are still bad by the time we have to take our road tests what will happen? Stay til the roads clear which I think would be expensive on the company considering hotel prices? I mean I have driven through the worst of the worst but that was moving freight, I dont see why your going to do a driving test in weather that puts everyone in danger. Whatever the case may be I am getting hired on to run poultry locally in San Antonio and im crossing my fingers ive finally found a company that I can deal with. Thanks for your info ahead of time and stay safe out there. Winter is here, dont be afraid to tell dispatch to suck it and slow them trucks down. No freight is worth it
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    Nov 3, 2011
    Let's see if you feel the same way when you get ready to draw social security (if it's still around). The amount you draw is based on what is paid into the system (by both you and your employer). Companies forcing per diem on their employees means that they pay less into the system for those employees. Thus, you'll have less to draw when you start taking it. Thus, your monthly social security benefits will be less. And BTW, social security is not an "entitlement" as what you draw out is based on what you paid in.

    Now here's what I call simple math. Less in = less out

    Talk with an unbiased accountant or financial planner and you'll find that per diem is not as great as you seem to think it is.

    Now if you're disciplined and put the "savings" into a retirement account, then yes you will probably make more on your money and have more to draw upon come retirement time. But most people are not that disciplined and thus wind up not having as much retirement income as they would have had were they not forced into a per diem plan by their company.

    I've just received an invitation to orientation from JBS, but if they force you to go on per diem, that may be a deal breaker for me before I even get there.
  8. The Gryphon

    The Gryphon Heavy Load Member

    Nov 3, 2011
    I see a lot of talk here about how JBS treats drivers with "honesty and respect".

    If that's really true, wonder why they have forced per diem?

    I mean if you're truly honest, you'll disclose the forced per diem up front and admit that it will impact the amount the company pays in for your social security (that thus what you'll be able to draw at retirement) and any 401(k) matching, etc.

    And if you respect me, then you'll allow me to make my own decisions about my retirement preparation and how I want my pay, etc.

    Your thoughts?
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    Mar 19, 2011
  10. thecleaninglady

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Grass Valley California
    Thanks for the info, I am now in the process of going to Western Truck School in California, my Husband and I have a pre-hire with JBS. You mentioned that you went through orientation with them, and I was wondering if you could share with me what it was like. What do they require during the eight weeks that your there? I can't seem to find much information on this subject. Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated!:biggrin_255:
  11. popmartian

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    May 31, 2009
    JBS ? Are they a Meat Co. in Greely (formerly Swift Meat Co.) that has a big Slaughter House...and a large Fleet of Co. trucks? Heard they are owned by a South American Investor. (what-up?) OPS and Safety, Former Swift Managers or did they bring in a new Management Team?

    NO B.S. Just the facts please.

    P.S. met only one driver from JBS and at a TA, he seemed happy with the loads he was getting.:biggrin_25525:.......................... that was 6 months ago.
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