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    I saw your post about leaving because of cancer in the other thread you started, and I feel for you on that. My wife's uncle died of cancer a year ago. We saw first hand what he went threw and watched him give up. The whole thing really hit him hard and the cancer kept coming back. Then one day he said he was tired and went to take a nap and that was that.

    I have been here almost two years. I have not been nickeled and dimed a single time. I was told up front by the recruiter and at orientation what exactly I was getting into. I also know that you are bitter at JCT. Which is probably why you are trolling the JCT threads that have not been active and not posting in the active thread. JCT tells you up front in orientation that they pay on PC Miler short miles. At least they did when I went through. I have no problem making what I need to make in order to provide for my family. I run the same way you did. I stay out about 6-8 weeks at time, but I don't stay home a week either except for Christmas. JCT is not perfect by any means, but overall is not a bad company. A lot of the failures are the drivers themselves who cannot manage a business.

    I wish you the best of luck with the cancer, I my best hopes and wishes are with you on the quickest of recoveries if possible and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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