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    I like the restart because it saves me work. I haven't recapped my hours in years, because I'm home to get that restart every weekend. Could I manage without it? Sure...I'd have to start caring about "saving" time in my log book again, though. Right now, I'm either on line 3 or 4 from the time I leave out in the morning until I get home in the afternoon. Of course the 30 minute off duty period that will be required is simply going to turn an hour-and-a-half unload into a 1-hour unload with a 30 minute break. The change in the restart provision is what bugs me, because I used to leave out sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 in the morning, but to continue doing so would mean I lose Saturday as a "make-up" day should I miss a day during the week for one reason or another. One other thing that will gum up the works is the "168 hour" provision of the restart...where you cannot begin your restart until 168 hours (7 full days) since the beginning of your previous restart. So, twice a year the company has a mandatory safety meeting on Saturday. Guess what? Mandatory means you have to log time on line 4. So, now even though you've been off-duty since Saturday at noon, your "34 hour" restart this week won't be completed until Monday morning at 5 AM...so if you have to leave before that, I hope you have hours available to run the recap in your book. If you do wait until after 5 AM to roll out on Monday, you're screwed when you get to next weekend because even if you get home by 4 PM on Friday afternoon YOUR RESTART CANNOT BEGIN until noon on Saturday....168 hours after the beginning of your previous restart. In other words, even though you have been off duty since 4 PM on Friday, your "34 hour restart" is not completed until 5 AM Monday morning because LAST WEEK you weren't able to begin your restart until Saturday at noon.

    § 395.3(d) After June 30, 2013, a driver may not take an off-duty period allowed by paragraph (c) of this section to restart the calculation of 60 hours in 7 consecutive days or 70 hours in 8 consecutive days until 168 or more consecutive hours have passed since the beginning of the last such off-duty period. When a driver takes more than one off-duty period of 34 or more consecutive hours within a period of 168 consecutive hours, he or she must indicate in the Remarks section of the record of duty status which such off-duty period is being used to restart the calculation of 60 hours in 7 consecutive days or 70 hours in 8 consecutive days.


    Old rules = get home at 4 AM Sunday, 34 hour restart is completed at 2 PM Monday.
    New rules = get home at 4 AM Sunday, 34 hour restart is completed at 5 AM Tuesday...15 hours beyond the end of your 34 hour off-duty period. And since you didn't get home until 4 AM Sunday this week, you can't start next week's 34 hour restart until 4 AM Sunday either...even if you get home before midnight Saturday night, if you leave out again prior to 5 AM Tuesday morning, you'd better be keeping the recap and be picking up enough hours every day in order to run because under the new regulations, you didn't actually get your 34 hour restart.

    Also, how would you get home at 12:30 AM Sunday under the new rules if the old rules the best you could do was 4 AM? You have no additional driving hours. Your 14 hour work day has also been slashed to 13.5 hours because now you are required to take 30 minutes off duty before you can drive past the 8th hour. If anything, the new rules would extend the length of your trip....not cut its duration. I could see shutting down early if you were going to take your restart parked at a truck stop out on the road, but you're still at least 3-1/2 hours short of where you had wanted to be. For those of us who are home every weekend to reset our hours, stopping short for the restart just isn't an option.

    The government becomes more and more intrusive because people sit idle and allow it to do so. Our government derives its powers by the consent of the governed...and people with your attitude who passively consent to government overreach by simply rolling over and allowing the oversteps to occur are just as much a part of the problem as the bureaucrats themselves. "It is what governments do" is no excuse.
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    The good news is that the new rules don't apply until July 1st 2013 HoooooRaaay
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    the OP mentioned shutting down for a restart sunday at 4 am and cant make a delivery on Monday at 8 am
    that doesn't work under either set of rules is why I said he would stop at 00:30 if he was planning a restart

    OTR driving will hardly affect me at all
    I am sorry for the ones it will
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    If you can't get a reset and deliver on time , I guess you will have to recap, reset is NOT mandatory
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    That is a creative way of looking at it Pete but he would lose several hours of drive time by not taking advantage of his full 70.
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    I guess I am a slacker then I get my 3000 miles a week never hit my 70 and just keep recapping along
    but that is just me
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    Everyone keeps saying Swift and all the mega carriers will run us out of business.. That's not true, If we get this out and plan a date to stop these trucks, Swift cant move these trucks without drivers. Why do people think they can run us out of business, If drivers don't drive they don't make anything just like us.

    Lets say we get a date out there to stop as much trucks as we can on the last week of every quarter as we all know shippers want all the freight gone by the ends of the quarters. the company drivers will put that week as home time and owner oppes can do repairs these weeks. As I look at it we cant stop all trucks but we can get the word out and do our best so Dot can get a ear full. As Bulldog said we need people who can act professional and go on radio tv and any other possible way to get as much drivers doing this and to get the publics attention. I am willing to do this because, everyone is letting it happen no one wants to step up and make a change in trucking. But every truck driver at truck stops complain how we cant make it.
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    I said it won't work and they will put us out of business because EVERY TIME SOME MORON WANTS A STRIKE.. IT NEVER HAPPENS... TRUCKERS AND TRUCKING COMPANIES ARE GREEDY.... You will not get enough to shut down.. We have tried this before over far more harmful things.. It doesn't work.. Never will.. We will be led to the slaughter because we won't do it.. but IT WONT WORK..

    Next time you are sitting at the table at the ole truckstop try to get the guys sitting on all 4 sides of you to agree the waitress is good looking or fat.. Whichever fits.. you will get 4 different opinions.. and may have 2 wanting to kick each others teeth in.. Truck drivers are independent and getting more ignorant of what is going on everyday.. When they finally wake up the independence they falsely believe they have will be gone for good....

    In short I agree if we can get everyone to shut down for 3 days it would be great.. We would get attention and get things fixed...Sadly you can't get it done no one can... Truckers are like the people from your city of Detroit.. they like to complain about the problems but they keep allowing the same people to make the rules...
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    I really do not understand. If you are not making enough money in 11 hrs then you are doing it way wrong
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    Why is $3000 profit per 6 days not enough money for you to make?
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