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Discussion in 'Werner' started by X-Country, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. realbigaaron987

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    Oct 21, 2014
    I have 140hrs remaining on my training with Werner. I can say I have a great trainer. Simply the best. I don't back much but everything is great. I get every bit of 10 hours of driving. I received extra pay because we were on the road for Christmas. WOW did not expect to see that. The only complaint that I have is upcoming. Pay! Werner starts out so low and I am not looking forward to that. Yes I can say I am looking for another job that pays just a little bit more than ¢29 per mile. I can not say right now but I feel that I will get a brand new truck. Even if not God Almighty still gets the Glory through his Son Jesus Christ. All you drivers stay safe. May God continue to bless you and your families.
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  2. X-Country

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    Mar 27, 2014
    call driver placement and ask them about dedicated accounts in your area. They will pay much better than the OTR rate of $.26 cpm.

    good luck getting a brand new truck. They're not giving you a brand new truck, so forget about it.

    and sorry, but how do you know your trainer is "GREAT"? You have no one else to compare him to. And if he were so great, you'd be doing almost all of the backing.

    my condolences you have to work there. do your year, get the hell out.
  3. X-Country

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    Mar 27, 2014
    and back to Werner I go because the recruiter at Knight wasnt very thorough in reviewing my app. Knight wont take me on till November when my preventables are at least a year old. sigh.
  4. HBG

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    May 28, 2014
    What about local driving, you might find something good that doesnt require you to be OTR
  5. X-Country

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    Mar 27, 2014
    in a real pickle now. my position was filled at werner on my route.

    sigh. now im unemployed.

    no one wants to hire with three preventables (one of which is flippin' bogus).
  6. quitter

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    Jan 30, 2012
    San Juan Capistrano, ca
    Wow, that is kind of tragic. It seems with these trucking companies you need to actually be working at the new job for a few weeks before quitting the old job. Why won't Werner take you back to do OTR or something else? Seems they hire about 50 new driver every week, or at least they did the week I was in orientation. It seems some of these companies love to blame the driver for everything and then they wonder why their is a driver shortage. Good Luck to you, I have been reading your story all along and been happy for you up until this happened your adventure seemed like a storybook success story, I am sure you will find something better given time, but I am also sure it sucks for you right now.
  7. BrenYoda883

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    Sep 18, 2013
    X-Country. . Sorry to hear it didnt go well for you at werner...
    I have been with werner for just over a year now.. and my experience has been different. It has been good.. i am able to make a good weekly pay check each week.. and I was assigned a relatively new 2015 Freightliner Cascadia... had enough miles to have the bugs worked out and yet still be pretty much new... I have not had breakdowns and only had my truck in for its full service and 60 day inspections. .

    In my year at werner I have not had any late deliveries, preventables or tickest... I have had two level 1 inspections and passed both...

    I dont know your particular history with werner or what all happened... but, keep in mind werner gave you a start.. they gave you a chance and an opportunity. . Dont demean yourself by allowing yourself to be negative..

    I am not saying that werner is the best company.. but more than a few of us have done well at werner and are happy..

    You have come along way... do you remember where you were and what things were like the days and weeks before you went to werner.... it may not have worked out as you hoped... but at least you were give a chance and a start...

    Good luck to you...
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  8. X-Country

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    Mar 27, 2014
    they wont hire me back because I have 3 preventables. stupidest thing I ever heard of!

    i wouldn't go back OTR anyways. not for .26 lousy cpm. Only way I'd go back OTR is .40 cpm or more.

    screw this dumpster fire company. they ruined my DAC report with a preventable that never even happened which is keeping me from getting on with Knight.

    I sat on unemployment for a month (still waiting on my first check), but I got a decent offer from a FedEx contractor this week. Was surprised they didn't go off anything on my DAC. They just said if its not on my MVR, they don't care. I'm suspicious of that, but I sent all my paperwork, figure it cant hurt to try, so we'll see here in a few days.

    if it pans out, it's team driving for FedEx via a contractor. .50 cpm, 5000 miles a week (so 2500 per driver @ .50 cpm = $1250 a week). $350 more than I was making at Weiner. Health after 60 days, 401K after 90. dispatched on Tuesday evening, back Sunday night for 34 hour restart.

    I'm not a fan of team driving, but if I can figure out how to get my sleep while the truck is in motion bouncing up and down the highway, I think I can make this work. Haven't met the other driver yet. Judging from the sounds of it, he's probably a bit older, and very experience (going on the general description I was given) Get to meet him for lunch and a road test in a few days after I do my drug test and my bg check and mvr come back. If his hygiene is good and cleanliness in the truck are acceptable, I'll give it a shot. I need the money.
  9. texasbbqbest

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    Dec 9, 2014
    Minneapolis, MN

    Well ####. No wonder no one wants to put up with you. You are a quitter!

    Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but sometimes you gotta just take it until you can control it.
  10. ad356

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    Mar 13, 2017
    my experience wasnt much better. i received 10-15 backings in 6 weeks i was on the truck. i sat in that stupid hotel for weeks.trainer used me to add miles to the truck not much more. poor teacher. his training with qualcom messages was non-existent. tried running me overnight. i almost fell asleep the first night i did it. i can not sleep in a moving truck during the day. i told him i was going to have a problem sleeping before he had me do it. the next day i told him no way was i running at night. i had to call the FM and change the sleeping arrangement. trainer tried to get me kicked off the truck, FM told him he was stuck with me. got the hours, got tested out and could get my own truck. i went home and decided i was gonna look around. not happy with much at werner between quatting in the hotel and not getting trained properly. found a medium sized carrier 3-400 trucks. they run NE regional. if they are being truthful it sounds great. i will only need a week or two since i was with someone for 6 weeks already. i told them i thought my training kind of stunk and i didnt feel i had backing down. had no problem assigning me a trainer.

    -$600 per week training pay, $120 per day
    -they only have 4 trainers and they are seasoned experienced drivers. they vet them heavily
    -home weekends during training
    -no team driving students. if student is caught in back sleeping while truck is moving, they consider it sleeping on the job. you are expected to learn a trade not sleep while the truck is moving. truck gets shut down, you are both sleeping at the same time.
    -trainer will be assigned right after friday's class. arrangements will be made for monday. i will go home for the weekend and not rot in a hotel for weeks. will go home every weekend during training.
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