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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by capnhector, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. capnhector

    capnhector Light Load Member

    well i have graduated schneider training and just got my first truck, what would you all suggest i throw on the truck other than tools and a cb. i all ready have tools and id be an idiot not to take them and the cb is also a no brainer.
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  3. Reby

    Reby Light Load Member

    Sep 6, 2007
    Springfield Oregon
  4. acw

    acw Bobtail Member

    Nov 4, 2007
    good for you....good luck on the road....
  5. capnhector

    capnhector Light Load Member

    i drive for schneider, and if youve seen one orange freightliner youve seen them all. also i have seen and used the thread provided but i was looking more at supplies for the truck and not me. such as a tv, cooler, and the such
  6. Reby

    Reby Light Load Member

    Sep 6, 2007
    Springfield Oregon
    Well the links are buried deeper than I thought so i compiled this list for ya. If anybody has any suggestions/changes please let me know and I'll edit. Once we get a full list I'll try and get a sticky made. I didn't come up with all this, its bits and pieces from a variety of posts off several forums that I thought would help people. Please don't get offended if I don't give you credit for your ideas.


    Anyway here's my current list:

    Clothes & Personal Supplies
    Change of clothes for at least two weeks (or more).
    Clothes detergent & dryer sheet softeners
    Work boots/shoes - Water resistant
    Sneakers - Comfortable for walking
    Slippers - For inside truck
    Flip Flips - Prevent foot fungus, wear them when showering in truckstops
    Toilet Kit - razor, tooth brush/paste/picks/floss, deodorant, Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, Antacid, prescription medications, shampoo, Q-tips, toilet paper, finger/toe nail clippers, safety pin x6, clothes pin x6, small scissors to trim hair/mustache/beard, comb/brush,
    First Aid kit
    2 coats - one light, one heavy
    Rain poncho or good rain coat
    Sunglasses x2 (in case you break one)
    Coveralls (you never know when you may have to crawl under your truck)
    Duffel bags for clothes (easier to load/unload vs luggage)
    Dirty Laundry bag
    Baby wipes
    Air freshener or Fabreeze
    4 Sets of gloves- 1 for dirty work, 1 for pulling grip, 1 rubber for fueling, and 1 for warmth!
    Bedding- And more then a sleeping bag. Rest is important. This is your new home away from home, not a camping trip. Bring sheets, two pillows, and a blanket.
    Throw rugs for a more home like atmosphere

    spare nuts/bolts/screws/hose clamps
    Pocket knife to cut trailer seals
    small hand held propane torch
    PB Blaster for stuck pins
    Air Line Antifreeze
    Generic seals
    Assorted Fuses
    Pad Lock- for the trailer. Don't forget it when you switch loads!
    Mallet or Heavy Hammer - to jar some pins loose in the trailer sometimes.
    Flashlight - small one and a large one plus extra bulbs/batteries
    Basic hand tools - screw driver, wrench, vise grips, etc
    duct tape,
    electrical tape (black)
    Box of throw away work rags
    Tape & bailing wire.
    Light bulbs (headlamp and interior dome light bulbs)
    Wire nuts or crimp connectors w/crimper.
    Some extra wire, red & black.
    Extra fuel filters w/a small container of fuel.
    Appropriate tools for removing/installing filters.
    Extra belts, hoses & clamps
    An extra trailer cord.
    Extra bungee cords.
    A tire gauge.
    A gallon of windshield/bug juice.
    A gallon of engine oil.
    A gallon or 2 of antifreeze.
    Anti-fuel gel additive
    Jumper cables - long/heavy duty

    LAMINATED Trucking road atlas
    National Truck Stop Directory
    Passport (if you run Canada or Mexico)
    A sturdy log book holder with a calculator- That you can write against like a desk as much as possible.
    Log books- If they don't provide them, along with the book of laws and hazmat info.
    3-5 gallons water for drinking or emergency
    Several rolls of paper towels
    A few bottles of spray window cleaner.
    Hand cleaner w/pumice &/or de-greaser.
    Office supplies - No run pens, white out, ruler, permanent marker, stapler, paper clips, clipboard, masking tape, scissors, postal stamps.
    Entertainment- Books, CDs, DVD's, TV, hobby related stuff. Just something to keep you busy and relax on the off hours.
    Folding chair
    Garbage can - small
    Garbage bags
    Paper plates, cups, bowls
    Plastic silverware
    Scented candle (large - remove foul odors and some heat)
    Power strip
    Extension cable
    Wall calender

    Electronic Devices
    Vacuum Wet/Dry Cordless - plus charger (A/C or 12v)
    Power inverter (check company limitations before you buy)
    Satellite radio - plus charger (A/C or 12v)
    Cell phone - plus charger (A/C or 12v)
    GPS - Garmin c330 can show truck routes and is affordable, plus charger (A/C or 12v)
    Laptop with cellular air card - plus charger (A/C or 12v)
    CB radio and Antennas - A lot of shippers and receivers use it for communication. Some like to pass the time chatting. Traffic reports. It just plain helps. (Cobra 29 suggested by most)
    Alarm Clock
    Thermometer (interior and exterior)

    Coleman 40 Qt. Vert/Hori Cooler with both AC/DC outlets,
    Koolatron Lunch Box Heater/stove,
    Koolatron Portable Microwave Oven MIC20 12v,
    Crockpot 12v,
    Coffee maker 4 cup,
    Hot Plate 12v

    Things to make life easier
    Applications for all major truckstop reward programs. Start collecting rewards at the fuel stops frequented by your company as soon as possible. It can save your 100s of dollars a year on meals and showers.
    Direct Deposit account with a checking visa card. Getting paid by check or an ATM card that you have a limit on with-drawls just does not work in this market. Make sure you have access to your money the minute you get paid.
  7. duey_247

    duey_247 Bobtail Member

    Dec 7, 2007
    how he going to get out of a scale house with all that stuff and his load and be under weight:biggrin_25520:
  8. Reby

    Reby Light Load Member

    Sep 6, 2007
    Springfield Oregon
    heh ya I know its a lot of stuff, but did I forget anything? You can decide if you need everything listed, but at least its fairly complete. I'd rather be over prepared than not prepared, or have to buy supplies at 3x the price (if you can find it at all out OTR).

    Keep in mind I didn't even include ANY food/snacks in there, so you ain't done yet brother!


  9. Strngs012

    Strngs012 Light Load Member

    Jul 16, 2007
    Palm Coast, Fl
    Hey great list, but I had lol. Can you imagine the look on a trainers face if a new student showed up with all that. :biggrin_2551: but on a serious note that would be a great list to keep with you and just start getting things as you go, start with the essentials and work up to the luxury items.
  10. CAZ

    CAZ Light Load Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    escanaba michigan
    Does anyone carry a small portable gas grill for grilling out. hot dog, brats, STEAK, and burgers
  11. Strngs012

    Strngs012 Light Load Member

    Jul 16, 2007
    Palm Coast, Fl
    I don't because I'm only out one night during the week. Another driver where I work does keep a grill with him, I think it's a small hibachi style grill.
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