Just Starting out Fresh... Where do I start??

Discussion in 'Australian Truckers Forum' started by Thomflan90, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. Thomflan90

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    Feb 6, 2021
    Brisbane, QLD
    Hello All

    Just got my HR Open Licence, I'm aiming for my future to be Long Haul in my own Prime Mover but that's the next Chapter; I can't start that Chapter until this one has taken off...

    I have (no Joke) just had a Temp Trucking agency call me up and tell me they are not going to shortlist me for casual on-call Truck work because I have no Experience, I have been told in all my studies getting ready for this Career that the best way to start up is to start on the Temp Jobs... so this has Punched me in the Guts and I don't know where to Start.

    I live in Brisbane, am going to fund a White Card and LF Ticket with my Centrelink Payments (I'm Jobless currently) to further my chances; Just Obtained my Open HR a Week ago and would love to know what to do.
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