K&b has had the same vp for 25 years

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    My first truck driving job, Had the the same vp that k&b transportation has had for 25 years

    Direct Transit
    This Sioux City-area based trucking company was cruising along registering good growth rates each year until it had grown to a carrier that generated about $140 million in 1995. It was then that DTI agreed to be purchased by Schneider, who later backed out of the deal after not being able to come to final closing terms in December of 1996.

    Swift Transportation then stepped in and agreed to purchase DTI, but a list of issues including foreclosure, bankruptcy, and tax evasion charges brought all deals to a halt.

    Charles G. Peterson, who was in the process of selling DTI, pleaded guilty to income tax evasion, admitting to pocketing excess money from truck and trailer leases.

    The plea agreement was on one of the three counts of tax evasion he was charged with in April 1997. Mr. Peterson's plea said between 1989 and 1990 he diverted at least $750,000 from the leases, evading taxes of between $200,000 and $350,000

    Mike Ratkiewicz 76 years old
    Executive Vice President Direct Transit, Inc. Jan 1986 - Jan 1997 11 yrs 1 mo
    Manage Federal Safety Compliance missions, construction of facilities, terminal acquisition, HR hiring function for all departments, legal, driver recruiting, Insurance claims, maintenance management. Startup operation in 1986, with 60 power and 110 trailers, grown to 1500 power and 4800 trailers in five years, with 10 locations of which operated coast to coast in both refrigerated and later dry vans. Fastest growing privately held truckload carrier in the nation for years 1991 and 1992.

    Executive Vice President K&B Transportation, Inc.Jan 1997 - Present 23 yrs 10 mos. South Sioux City, NE 68776
    Directly oversee Safety & Compliance, Driver Recruiting, Personnel, HR Hiring, legal matters, Federal Compliance, Insurance & Risk Management, interface with daily operations. fleet asset utilization, cost of risk, CSA compliance, assist in maintenance management, interface with CFO on matters of cost control. Sorry I won't work for another company with the same management style.
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