KLLM and Lease Purchase

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    Jul 6, 2010
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    I am limping in to Jksn the first of next week. Turbo is out of calibration, mileage has gone to hell, have no pulling power, and the company doesnt want to pay Freightliner in MD $5000 to fix it... (I have guaranteed maintenance) so I will be dealing with the shop very soon.....

    I love the company... its the shop that worries me.
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    To Aiken: you do know that the 08's are on short leases most have less then 2years to pay off and some close to 14 months. FYI.
    My opinion is the 08' s are better then the previous 2-3 year models. The 06's are still having problems with the EGR systems. While. The 08's had teething problems with the pollution contgrol equipment after Detroit did some mods mine has pretty much run like A watch.
    And the 2010 Cascadias kind of became a joke because of the windshield problems, in addition to being the 1st DEF trucks
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    Oct 17, 2010
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    Romans as I said else where , all the best
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    My husband worked for KLLM for 2 1/2 years, quit for a year, and now has been back for 6 months. The pressure to become a lease driver has been intense. So intense, he almost fell for it. Thankfully he came to his senses. But this time around he is really getting the pressure of being a second class citizen compared to the lease drivers. His biggest problem is getting pulled off of great loads so that they can be swapped to a lease driver and he gets to haul the lousy loads they don't want to. He has been told that they would like to eliminate company drivers altogther and just go with lease drivers.
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    Good luck with getting rid of all company drivers...
    They do that and then who is going to take all the crap loads that L/P and O/O drivers won't touch? They'd have to go to forced dispatch for the L/P and O/O drivers...and I don't know of many who would stick around for that.

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    My Columbia was 08 by registration. Had a roof leak, was loud inside. Everything was rattling, was running OK though.
    My husband was willing to join KLLM in order to lease Cascadia, pay it off and go back independent. All because we thought insurance would not approve me with only 6 months class A exp. (I had class B for over 10 years), but they did. Anyway KLLM said that they do not have Cascadias for lease at this time.
    We own 02 Columbia and Great Dane trailer and I am enjoying independent trucking a lot! We are choosing our loads (not taking anything over 40 000), and finally we are together!
    We thinking our next truck will be Coronado
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    What was the deal with the 2010 Cascadias and the windshields?
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    I'm not sure of the root cause. What was happening is the windshield was sliding down from its mount. The first noticeable sign was the seal at the center post would have a noticeable sag. Then if you hit a serious bump with the windshield out of place the outside edges would shatter where the windshield curves.
    I think freightliner fixed what was wrong. However not all the trucks got the fix
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    Drivers i am going to orentation in Atlanta on 03/15 I am being told i will have to lease my question is is it good money and what is the range on the truck payment and insurance
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    I have a question for the experienced L/P O/O drivers for KLLM.... How is it worth it? I mean the fuel costs are crazy expensive!!! My husband switched from a company driver with KLLM to an L/P almost a month ago.....and so far for fuel it costs almost more than half of what the truck makes for each run. Are we missing something? Because everyone we ever talked to said financially it was worth it to switch to a L/P. But for example last week, he would've gotten paid more being a company driver than he did as an L/P after fuel, fees, maintenance and pymts. We could really use some sound advise!!!!
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