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Discussion in 'KLLM' started by Ledbetter, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Light Load Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    This outing was somewhat interesting in that it was different than previous ones. Got one trailer when I first left home that needed to be put out of service after delivery and two plus weeks later in the same area, got another trailer with same symptoms but not as bad that needed to be looked at to see if it could be put out of service. Here's the breakdown of how everything went...........

    1. Went to Greenwood, SC for a load going to just north of Springfield, MA. Get to shipper and it was a Drop/Hook. I noticed something didn't look right with the axles on the trailer but went on anyway just keeping my I eye on it. Made the delivery with no problem.

    2. Went to the next load, also in Springfield going to 2 stops; one in IN and finish in MI. Had to wait a while but finally got loaded and out of there. Another KLLM left at the same time and going the same way as I , so we stayed together. The other Driver got a hold of me and said the right rear of my trailer was lower the the left. I waited until the left lane was clear for a long way so I could go over there to let the other Driver get along side of me to take a look. After doing so and getting behind the Driver back in right lane he said it looked fine so we went on to Waterloo, NY and the Petro. I grabbed a shower and the other Driver went on. After the shower I looked at the problem. An air bag wouldn't inflate on the right side and the right
    rear inside tire had a groove on the sidewall from a threaded rod on the axle
    assembly. The assembly had moved over to the driver side due to a problem. Now I saw this in the beginning when I picked up trailer in SC. It wasn't that bad but had gotten worse in the trip to MA. It was late so I called Road Breakdown to let them know and to send someone in the morning. (Petro didn't have parts to repair). Went to bed and next morning, the repair guy showed up. He inspected and said need to get load off this trailer, no way should you go any further with it. A few calls made and 7 hours later I'm at the shop with an empty trailer. (I did a Cross Dock with another KLLM Driver about 15 miles away. How the company knew of this place for the Cross Dock, I don't know). Repair guy gets under trailer to inspect again and gave me the report. The bushings for centering (I guess) the assembly were worn out. (This trailer is 7 years old and due to be taken out of fleet in the next shipment of trailers in early 2008). Now with an empty trailer, the grooved tire is away from the threaded rod and the air bag is inflated enough to raise the trailer as normal. It's almost 6PM and no parts yet so I go next door to get a motel room. KLLM pays for it. Next morning still no word of parts close by but only in Ohio. This is Friday so we're looking at Monday at the earliest. I let KLLM know and finally get an answer around 2PM on what to do. Forget the repairs and Deadhead to the Portage, IN yard and drop trailer there. I get 590 miles empty pay for this. So off I go to IN.

    3. I arrive at the IN yard on Sat. morning to drop off trailer. I was to get a glad hand lock from Security, which I did. During the trip I got a pre-plan. I was to get another empty at yard and do a Drop/Hook in Bedford Heights, Il for a load going to Burnheart, TX (near Wichita Falls, TX) for Monday morning. Well the yard didn't have an empty trailer so I called Dispatch. Turns out that the PrePlan changed when I called and there was a load their on the yard for me going to Minnetonka, MN for Monday morning. Told Dispatch, no problem been there a few times and will be there Sunday afternoon. Can stay there at Receiver overnight. I get load and out I go.

    4. Get to Receiver as planned and unloaded next morning. New trip is a pick up in Albert Lea, MN going to City of Industry, CA for Friday morning. Here it is Monday morning still and I get a leasurely trip; about time. I call up Shipper to let them know I might be late, need to be there by 11:00AM. They say no problem, they're running behind on loading. I get there before 11:00 and check in and into a door. About two hours later, I'm out of there. My routing had me on I70 west of Denver so Dispatch rerouted me on I80 to Salt Lake then down I15. (Remember, KLLM doesn't want Drivers with a load of any kind on I70 west of Denver. Only time allowed is with an
    empty trailer in the summer time). Nothing occurred during the trip and I get to the Fontana yard on Thursday morning. I call Receiver and they said no to an early delivery so I wait and deliver on Friday afternoon. Now during this trip I did go back and look at a former trip from MN to CA at the routing. I was thinking they rerouted me a longer way than before, which they did. Now I know which way to go from southern MN to southern CA and staying off I70 in CO. Go to Rapid City, SD to Casper, WY to Rawlins, WY to Salt Lake to southern CA. This trip had me go to Des Moines, IA to Salt Lake to southern CA.

    5. New trip has me getting a load in Otay Mesa, Ca going to Dallas , TX for Tuesday morning. Pick-up is for Saturday morning. I get to Otay and the Truck stop at nightfall. Next morning I call and get the Shipper and loading location. I was only 500 ft away so I moved. Checked in and waited. Finally get a door and get loaded. Had to go back 3 times after scaling out all 3 times to get reloaded. Turns out a new guy was loading me and didn't
    know how to load a reefer trailer but he learned on me. I finally make it out and on to Dallas. I did get another 34 hour restart in this time. Second one in less than 2 weeks.

    6. I make Dallas with no problems and get unloaded. Next load is a 2 stopper from Dallas to 2 Wal Marts in AL. I get loaded and on my way. I make the Home yard in Jackson, MS and hit the bed. Next morning I get with the shop to get trailer worked on and the air leak in the Truck that I have had since March. They and Atlanta have worked on it and found
    leaks, just not all of them. Well they found and fixed 5 more and as of this writing, they seem to have found all leaks cause I have had no further problems. Did get a good nights sleep at my relatives house also. The load I brought was given to another Driver and I got a short in state load for Delivery in Columbus, MS.

    7. Made Columbus delivery and new load nearby in Aberdeen, MS going to Jesup, GA for the next day. Got loaded up and rolled out. Stopped at our Atlanta yard and went to bed. Next morning, fueled up and onto Jesup, GA. I got a preplan before getting to Atlanta yard. After delivery, deadhead to Jacksonville, FL for a HazMat load going to Willow Springs, IL for Monday morning. Well it got changed. I still go to same Shipper in Jacksonville but now I'm going back to Mass to a town called Tewksbury, MA near Lowell, MA. I get to Shipper and I asked the guy about the Il load. It was ready also but it had a stop in St Louis, MO before getting to Il. I told them I'll take the Mass load (I hate downtown St Louis). This was also a Drop/Hook at Shipper and low and behold I get another bad trailer like I had when I came back from time-off. (Read #1 above, same thing on this trailer just not as bad). I left and made Manning, SC for sleep. Saturday morning I get up and stop in Elkton, MD. Sunday morning I'm rolling again and I decide to stay on route and do the GW bridge/ Bronx thing. What could happen at 8AM on a Sunday morning in this area, nothing I thought. Wrong !!!!!!!!
    I make it across bridge and into the Bronx with no traffic. Less than a mile into the Bronx we are stopped cause of a wreck with 2 semi's and 3 cars. We all wait about 90 minutes before rolling again and we see what is left of the wreck. From the CB reports a car went under a Yellow double trailer and Yellow went into the other semi and the 2 other cars got into it somehow. I saw the Yellow trailer involved being pulled off highway onto an exit ramp but couldn't see the damage. Anyway, made it through and stopped in
    Sturbridge, MA for fuel, shower, and rest. Monday morning went on to the Receiver and got unloaded.

    8. New load is in Springfield, MA going to San Luis, AZ for Friday afternoon. I told Dispatch of this bad trailer needing attention so I got routed to Jackson, MS yard. Well the Shipper had load ready on another trailer and Dispatch said to do a Drop/Hook. (Where that bad trailer ends up, who knows). I get loaded trailer and off to scale out; drives to heavy and trailer axles slid all the way up. Back to Shipper to get reloaded. Done and back to Scale. Weight ok and off I go. Now it is late Monday afternoon and I'm routed back through the Bronx and GW bridge, Do I go that way, nope. I go over the top. I go down I91 to I84 to I684 to I287 to I78 into PA and stop in Frystown, PA to sleep. (11 miles further this way and no traffic). Next morning I ask Dispatch if they still want me in Jackson yd; yes they do and I can be there Wednesday morning around 8:00AM. But I ask for a swap in Knoxville, TN. They thought it over and agreed. I swap at Petro in Knoxville for a delivery in Knoxville the next morning (Wednesday). I meet Driver at 3PM and we swap. Next morning I deliver and head to exit 398 and the Pilot. I ask do I get another load or go home for time-off a day early.
    15 minutes later, I'm told to go home for time-off. (By the way; this last delivery I will get paid $25 for Delivery and $25 for delivering a HazMat load).

    As usual all pay due was paid including the Motel room and Layovers and Shop Pay, no problems with that. As far as the miles for the 4th Quarter Bonus, I need at least 378 miles a day to get it. This doesn't count the days I'll be home for Christmas. I should make it. As far as slow freight when I was able to run; again, I must have been at the right place at
    the right time. Always got a load without waiting more than 30 mins for next load. Be back next time with another report.
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  3. newbiewannadoitright

    newbiewannadoitright "Right Wing Nut Job"

    Sep 26, 2007
    Cajun Land
    I always look foward to your KLLM Posts. I notice you had a load and Pre-plan BEFORE you got to the Atlanta yard.:biggrin_25523: Oh well, I'll be watching for the next one. KLLM is still at the top of my list. Thanks, NEWB
  4. newbiewannadoitright

    newbiewannadoitright "Right Wing Nut Job"

    Sep 26, 2007
    Cajun Land
    Tell me about KLLM and forced dispatch or Northeast runs. Also what about chaining or running during chain conditions. Next, who do you fuel with? Are you given discretion on where and when to fuel or is it pretty much layed out for you. Last, do you idle during sleep time if it's too hot or cold, what is their idle policy. Thanks.....
  5. Grinnbearit

    Grinnbearit Bobtail Member

    Good questions

    They are on my radar as a potential company out of school here in about a month. Would like to hear some good things and I found it here but I also heard some not so good things from drivers on the road regarding waiting on dispatch for another load. Their pay is higher than most reefer companies i've seen (not many) around.:biggrin_2558:
  6. PoundPuppy

    PoundPuppy Bobtail Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    Tennessee Colony, TX
    I am in my training phase with KLLM and maybe I can help you two with your questions:

    I am VERY happy with KLLM. I had a trainer before we finished orientation. He picked me up the day after orientation concluded and no one else in my orientation group had to wait for a trainer either. Some left on the last day of orientation with thier trainers.

    The longest we ever had to wait for a load was about 4 hours and that was the ONLY time we waited for a load. The rest of the time we had pre-planned loads before delivering the load we had. Except for the one load- we ran like rented camels (we were actually glad for the 4 hour break- LOL!).

    SpeedPass (to bypass weigh stations), PikePass and EZPass as well as Indiana and Ohio toll cards are provided by the company at no cost to the driver. Any tolls not covered by those are readily reimbursed by the company.

    TransFlo of trip paperwork is free and if you go to Pilot they do it for you.

    KLLM has a company account with most major Lumpers and the remainder of them they reimburse you for. Same with truck washes for trailer washouts AND TA repair shops (at the TA truck stops). An air line broke on a trailer we were hauling and we were sent to the nearest TA shop. Repair was done quickly and we were off again. Repairs at yards are also done quickly- none of this waiting for days as I have heard drivers with other companies complaining about.

    Scale fees are reimbursed quickly (next paycheck after you turn them in) and with no questions asked.

    We are told in orientation that the only time we are expected to chain up is if we absolutely have to in order to make it to a safe haven. Otherwise, if we feel the road conditions are unsafe and we need to pull it over and park it.....no one says boo about it. We did this during the recent ice storms in Illinois. Sent a Qualcomm to let the dispatcher know and all he said was "OK, thanks for keeping it safe and thanks for lettng me know!".

    About idling:
    At the yard, you can get an Idle Permit if you will be there less than 4 hours. For stays of 4-7 hours you can get a bunk room. For stays over 7 hours, the company will give you a hotel room (at company expense).
    On the road we idle and keep ourselves comfortable (my trainer's truck does not have an APU). We've not been given any grief over it.

    KLLM uses Loves, Pilot, TA and Petro for fuel. They do give you fuel stops and would like for you to have 80% compliance with the assigned fuel stops. They might give you a reminder and compliance update if you are under 80% compliance but that is about it.
    As for the reward points on the reward cards offered by the truck stops- you DO get to keep the points and perks. Not every company lets you do this.

    When we got back to the Dallas yard (my trainer had already scheduled to take the holidays off and this was fine with me), there was a catered meal courtesy of KLLM- a holiday dinner for the drivers, complete with all of the trimmings.

    Any time my trainer talked to the office staff at KLLM, they always asked about me and how I was doing, did I have any questions or concerns, etc. It was nice.

    There is a quarterly mileage bonus (if I understand right- if you drive more than 30,000 miles in a quarter then you get a bonus of 3 cents for ALL the miles driven in that quarter- not just the miles you drove in excess of 30,000 like some companies). 30,000 is very achievable- with 12 weeks in a quarter that is 2500 miles a week.
    There is a bonus for working through the holidays (I think it was $500 or $600 this year).

    Layover pay is $50 for the first 24 hours and $100 per day for each additional day. Detention pay starts after the first 3 hours and is $10/hr.

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions. I am completely happy with KLLM and reccommend them highly! We never got a single bobble when it came to reimbursements and they were paid the very next check after the receipts were sent in.

  7. Jarhed1964

    Jarhed1964 Road Train Member

    Jun 22, 2007
    Charlotte, NC
    Are you allowed to put your own stereo/CD/MP3 player in their trucks? (or do they have a way of finding out if you do?).

  8. BigGee

    BigGee Light Load Member

    Nov 19, 2007
    Down South
    Can anybody help me out with a question? Can anybody tell me do KLLM have jake brakes in there trucks?
  9. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Light Load Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    Company Drivers are forced dispatched but not the Lease or Owner Ops. Yes, you do go to the Northeast including Long Island and all Boroughs of NYC except Manhattan. (Company does advertise no NYC but it means Manhattan only). There is no extra money for this.

    Company policy on chaining is this; (As Pound Puppy has already stated) use chains only to get to a safe haven, if needed. Inform Dispatch that you are "shutting 'er down" until the chain laws are lifted and / or road conditions improve.

    Fuel Stops are given with the Trip Info. With the price of Fuel now, you have to use those given with the trip. You can still skip one if you can make it to the next one though. Company Policy now is 80% compliance on Fuel Stops per week. We don't use Flying J at all and there are some that are convienence stores and Mom and Pop places but very few. Most are TA, Love's, Pilot, and Petro.

    Idle Policy is 35% or less for Trucks w/o an Idle Solution and 10% or less with an Idle Solution in a week. Basically what Management states is "when away from your Truck, turn it off". They want you comfortable, relaxed, and rested. They don't want you to burn up or freeze.

    (Idle Solution = an APU or a Hybrid Battery System depending on what Truck you are assigned)
  10. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Light Load Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    You have to get it approved by the Shop Supervisor first. If approved, the Shop does the install not the Driver. (Don't hold your breath, not many get approved).
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