Knight Chicago/Joliet Terminal

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    Jan 6, 2012
    I just quit the job at knight at the joliet terminal or as they call it the chicago terminal. My advice to you is to stay far away. I was doing thier intermodal division which isnt thier frieght it is pacer stackers and hub groups which when knight gets service faliures the frieght gets cut and they get crapyer loads. they told me i would make 180 a day since i would be local but after i started i found out they lied about the pay it was by % of load. I was also made to run illegally at least twice a week and when i told my manager he said just keep on driving its no problem after i told him i would be going over on my 14 to about 16 to 17 hours of work. next it seemed like every one of thier trailers/tractors were broken and the mechanics didnt care when telling them hey my air hose has a quarter size whole in it. response from mechanic bull it just got out of the shop today for a pm lol. last they could never pay me ontime and i had to call payroll every other day to make sure they had my pay correct. alot of other drivers i talked to that worked thier also told me they didnt like it as well. that is just my experience with them some knight drivers might like it some might not.
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