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  1. chalupa

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    Jul 22, 2010
    No they're not...all bad....I've done 2 successfully and now on my 3rd.....all different carriers though. The change was a business decision as I felt once paid off I would starve. Carrier mentality dictates that you can't earn too much. Seen that too many times.

    On the payoffs, I surprised them too by paying off early , unannounced and in cash. Usually in the 5 to 10 grand area. I timed both events and showed up at corporate right at 0800 and already knew whom I needed to speak too. I also knew if the title was in the building or not and I did not pull the lease right then. I went ahead and finished out the week of payoff then claimed I was going down for a major repair to let the next check run. Once that was done I complied with the cancellation terms of the lease. ( Usually 3 days at my address by fax, letter or email etc )

    This third one was a mistake...big time! I followed a manager and a dispatcher to a new carrier and the honeymoon was great....but it was over in just a few weeks. The dispatcher bailed for another carrier and the manager turned on me. I'm being starved out. It doesn't appear that I can salvage the situation short of cleaning out the office and if that happens, no assurance that the new team would be any better. I knew better on this too, just never factored in how valuable a dispatcher is to the bottom line.

    Some of you may not understand a mega driver, you get a different voice every time. I don't, I work at one terminal for that terminal and only speak to that terminal, corporate tells them what's needed and so on.....

    My experience......
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    Jun 28, 2014
    Not all lp are bad just make sure you ask if u can just walk away if it doesnt work out. Im know for a fact that a few companys dont touch your credit if you turn your truck back in.make sure you read before you sign. If you truly run 3000 miles a week and have a decent motor in the truck u get you should bring home around 1400.00 after everything is paid including fuel
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