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  1. Muskyman734

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    Mar 11, 2019
    Good afternoon all, I am currently looking for a new company to lease my 2019 9 car with. I am based out of toledo,Ohio. I am not concerned with home time, really looking for who I can gross the most with. I know United road is paying well out of Fort Wayne, as my son is a company driver there and is making the kind of revenue I am content with. S&S, accelerated have trucks in Toledo, and see Hansen trucks up this way as well. Jack cooper (naat) has a big presence up this way since acquiring more transport, I don’t like the paying into the pension part of the lease. I’m willing to travel and stay out for the right revenue, any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. Banker

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    Aug 19, 2012
    The people I know leased to United Road have no complaints about the revenue, but they currently don’t like the new dispatch. Hopefully they will get that straightened out and your son should be able to inform you about that. Moores freight out of Toledo is cheap, but when you backhaul Jack Coopers freight it pays very well. You said you don’t want to pay into the pension so Moore/NAAT is out. I know nothing about S&S and very little about accelerated.

    My guess is United Road would probably be your best bet as they have freight going north and south through Toledo and supposedly treat their owner ops very well. From what I have been told the terminal you work out of for United Road is important. I don’t know if that is still true with their new Central Dispatch.

    I have been with Hansen for 8.5 years with the exception of one month last summer at NAAT, but I stay a couple hundred miles south and west of Toledo. We are more of a personal relationship carrier than some of the others and I am here because I like a regular routine and delivering to the same places routinely more than anything. Money can still be made here and it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the Marysville TM to see what kind of revenue he could promise you.

    I doubt you are going to beat United Roads numbers at most locations if you are a runner.
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    Jun 8, 2015
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    Always seen their trucks in Perrysburg at the Petro. No idea what the money looks like at any of them.
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