LME Just closed the doors

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    I feel for the guys that got roped into this not knowing any better. But I am sure someone had to have known that they used to be called something else before shutting down and reopening somewhere else. It was all over the news.

    There is no way in hell that I would work for a company called USF Amsterdam if they previously called themselves USF Holland and just gutted the company and started somewhere else with the new name. Especially knowing what they did to their previous employees.

    What gets me though is their executives got away with it before. And now they did it again. Someone should be going to jail at this point.
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    I tried to find a link to a previous post about why if there's a driver shortage, trucking companies are going out of business.

    Minnesota trucking company abruptly closes, hundreds of employees left without work

    Another trucking company has failed, leaving drivers without pay. Google "Arrow Trucking".

    The economy, despite all the idiots blindly following an idiot, is about to tank. Be aware. Stay aware of whether YOUR company is paying its bills, especially payroll. If your payroll check bounces, do not pass "Go", immediately clean out your truck and find another job.
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    25 years I've been in the industry.
    It's the Same thing no matter who the company is.
    Steal,lie,steal,lie,steal, lie. And keep hiring drivers
    The whole time.

    Then,immediately lock the gate and shut down.
    Stiff all the drivers on 2 weeks pay, hop on a
    Plane and disappear.
    No prosecution, no jail time, nothing.

    Then re open under another name and do it again.
    No other industry that I know of gets away with this
    Over and over again.
    Your legally allowed to steal money from truck
    Drivers and get away with it.

    Any minimum wage paying company outside
    Of the transportation industry would be hammered
    All day on the news for doing this.

    But since everybody hates trucks, nobody cares.
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    Hey Roger...doing a bang-up job with this company JUST LIKE ya did with the family business, huh? Ruining Indianhead wasn't enough? Lol
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    Sorry to hear this. This is the risk of working for smaller companies. They can go belly up anytime. Labor disputes etc.. The last smaller company couldn’t afford the new insurance rates and they were good financial company. If fuel goes up and your with a smaller company better save your pennies.
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    Lol they didn’t close because it was a “small company” which it wasn’t.

    They closed because the owner didn’t want to pay anyone and he’s a pile of ####.

    He’ll do it a third time if he doesn’t go to jail. FLE will probably close and stop paying employees next.
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    So I did some research on this pos Roger Wilsey and it lead me to Indianhead Truck Line; out of Minnesota I believe, which shutdown in 1997. Long story short he; vice president of Lakeville, bought the company from the Wren family ( founders ) in 2010 with roughly 500 employees and by 2016 he had gotten it down to just under 100 but had LME ( Logistics Made Easy ) running as a Non-Union shop which they were caught as a chameleon carrier ( legal term being alter ego ) of Lakeville to rid itself of the union employees.

    In January the NLRB & LME agreed to a settlement that gave LME no liability to Lakeville but issued LME a $1.25 million fine in unpaid payroll. In April the 60 day count began before it was doubled to $2.5 million they were required to pay and thus LME shutdown to avoid paying the 2.5 million.

    From what I was told by a former employee Roger had a corporate meeting on Thursday and after the meeting said close the company and walked out slamming the door on his way out.

    Links to information:


    Midwest LTL Is Under New Ownership

    Litigation dogs Lakeville Motors Express and LME 15 months after Roseville trucking firm shut down
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    Beg to differ.....
    I believe the POS from that flatbed outfit that closed about 5 years ago is still in jail. Was it Arrow?
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    Yeah IIRC Doug Pielsticker still has a few more years on his sentence.
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    He tried last year if I'm not mistaken to get out for the holidays last year
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