Log book/ELD question regarding occasional use?

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    May 18, 2019
    Ive been researching an answer to what i need to keep as far as logs and whether or not it would be best to stay with paper logs or switch over to ELD. Here’s our scenario: we are a construction company that transports our equipment to our own jobs from NY to Florida and as far west as Chicago. We all run f-350/F-450 dually pickups with gooseneck trailers, All pickups are apportioned to 39K, we run IFTA stickers, HUT stickers, etc to be in compliance of being out of our home state of NY over 26K lbs. Currently our moves are occasional enough that we can fall into the 8 days or less out of a consecutive 30 and retain the paper log usage. Our frequency of travel and distance of travel is quickly increasing though and i assume we will soo have to fall under the ELD rule in the near future which i am more than willing to do. Where the confusion comes into play for us is that well we use these trucks for work, these trucks are also our personal transportation meaning the same trucks we use for business are also the same trucks that takes your family to the beach on vacation or the same trucks that are going to the dinner for breakfast. This makes it confusing for logging miles even on the paper log system. Looking forward to everyone’s opinions.

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    Your state has a commercial vehicle enforcement board. Contact them directly and get a straight answer.
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    You really have three options.
    1. You can log pc . You'll have to remember to do it every single time you move the truck. Might also get in trouble if another driver (like the wife) is driving and gets pulled for an inspection.
    2. Log out. You'll have to annotate every movement when you log on. This could take awhile and get annoying
    3. Unplug the eld for those times not needed. You'll have to annotate on why it was unplugged but only once.

    Personally I would try a week or month logging out. If it's not too annoying keep doing that. If it is just unplug the eld
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