LogiCorp Enterprises LLC, Hidalgo TX

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  1. stuey

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    Jul 17, 2012
    Jefferson GA

    Does anyone have any insight for LogiCorp? I have been seeing a lot more of their equipment in my area (I-85 corridor GA/SC/NC) and I was wondering whether there may be an opportunity there. I've used their website contact link but haven't heard anything back from it. I've also printed off their mini-application and tried a couple of times to fax it to the number on their website contact page. So, any comments or input about the highs and lows of this company would be appreciated. Any, if it wouldn't be asking too much... if you're a current employee (driver preferably), could you leave a name and number of someone at their office I can contact for specifics. Thanks Drivers!!! Happy Trucking & Be Safe...
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    Jul 12, 2012
    Based on ^^^ I wouldn't poke them with a 53 foot trailer.
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    Jul 6, 2012
    In my area where I live Kenworth has a fleet of about 50 brandnew T660 with decals ready for delivery.just for Logicorp. As for Utility they have another bunch of brand new dry vans with company logos.I always see their trucks otr.Now my question how are they doing it? Must have pretty good contracts.
  4. stuey

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    Jul 17, 2012
    Jefferson GA
    Yeah, thanks for the input drivers... I was just trying to see what was up with this company. As I said in my original post, been seeing alot of their trucks in my area and I've also been seeing alot of posts on CraigList for drivers wanting to run the GA/SC/NC area to TX and back... just looking in on them. I've heard that Poly Trucking is the place to go but they're very particular about their recruitment... Drive Safe, Work Safe
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    stuey ... there are guys that want not only the world but want it everyday it seems. If you're one of them you best try to find that perfect job , cause Poly isn't it.
    Now if you're aged, and financially well , not rich but not hurting either , Poly very well may be a good fit. For me I did the research , and made the move , I'm about to hit 2yrs with them Feb 5th , and I'm not looking. You ask if I ever get aggravated with them ohyeah , then again I got aggravated with Jevic every other day for 7&1/2 yrs. Jevic I made 63,000 p yr , I'm not gonna make that with poly , but I'm okay , I basically work 21 to24 days and take between 7 and 10 off and will still break 50k this year.
    What I love about this company is they don't micro manage you through a qcom , yes we have them in the trucks , but it only beeps between 9 and 5 for a little safety tip from safety , like twice a week. If not for that I'd forget I had 1. Also with plenty of communication me to Outbound disp , they are a#1 about getting me home for Dr appt's and at 53 , that's gold to me. There are plenty of things at poly that can improve by leaps and bounds , but name me one company that stands alone and doesn't partake in that statement. If your MVR is good , you have a chance with poly , if you fill out the app. be sure to leave messages with the HR dept about that you're following up , make them understand you're interested. Meghan usually returns a call to update you prior to Guillermo calling for a phone interview. It then goes up the flag pole and when the sup's okay ya , you get a call back for a face to face , they fly you down and the 1st thing you do is the physical and drug screen meaning pending the results you're in.
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