Longest stretch of remote interstate

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    Nov 11, 2008
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    Any of the Eisenhower Freeways. An Eisenhower freeway is a relic of the cold war. Back then the airforce needed runways 5 miles long. This way returning planes from having dropped their nuclear ordinance could find a landing spot. Theory being that airforce runways would be targeted in the first wave.

    Interstate Highway System - Wikipedia
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    Haha yea it'll always be 15. Same with 86 that's always gonna be 17 to me
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    Oct 3, 2019

    While Bud Shuster was personally responsible for the I-99, which he added to the bill when the name changed, remember that I-84 was I-80N until 1980, where it had been US 30N until 30S was replaced by I 80 around 1974.

    When they originally did the highways US 30 was going to be the old Lincoln highway and US 20 was going to go through Yellowstone. Idaho and Oregon weren't happy that US-20 was going to be shut down during the winter so they split at Granger Wy and named them US 30 South and North.

    When the Interstate came through Utah had more clout and the split happened at Echo Junction but Idaho and Oregon felt like they were being denied a #0 interstate so they kept the I80 South and North.

    I-82 had been built and interconnected I-80N and I-90 by the time they decided the directional suffix was a PITA and I-80N was renamed I-84 just as US-30N is now just US-30.
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    Texas has 75 mph two lanes.
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    I can't believe nobody mentioned I-87 from Albany to Plattsburgh, Ny. While not exactly long, it sure feels remote in a snowstorm at 2AM....
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    Haha same as 88 up to Albany
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    US 67 runs through Tx and Arkansas and is a North/South route but I 30 which replaces US 67 either parallels or runs with US 67 is an east/west route. Or how about I 69 which is designated a north/south route until it gets to Lansing, Mi then becomes an east/west route. There was/is a lot of politics involved in interstate designations. An interstate designation means a lot of federal money coming down the pike. Look at Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. All have highways designated Interstates and they sure don't go to any other states.
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    You're right there. Honestly, the road itself hasn't changed much. They had to add crossovers in spots, extra guardrail, and some other little things like signage... but I'm sure they got quite a pile of money from it. That being said, why do the bridge joints still suck and why am I hitting bumps that were in the road 20 years ago?o_O
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    You been to CT lately :eek: them and mass need to take notes on how to properly do joints
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    Not since I divorced the last wife. Thats where she came from and where she went back to. Word on the street is that she had me banned from anywhere north of 80 and east of 81. :D
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