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    Hello, I am new in the industry.
    I seen a add this morning for Reddaway trucking in West Sacramento and was wondering if anyone has anything positive or negative input about the company? I have searched the threads but havent found much info about them.
    Also was wondering about the hiring process and pay. Specifically do they pay for orientation? Do they pay hourly or by mile? And while im here might as well ask about the drug screen, is it by hair or buy cup? And please spare me the preaching about asking a basic question here, I am not a drug addict just wondering. Thanks = )
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    Sep 9, 2010
    Salem, Or
    I just went to an interview this morning at Reddaway here in Portland for a line-haul position and it pays by the mile and hour. You get paid mileage for miles driven and then hourly for all work performed outside of driving. They didn't specify what type of drug screening they do and i never asked (didn't matter to me).
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