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    Thank you kindly. You have been one of my favorite posters so far.

    Take care sir and have a great weekend.
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    You got duped by the hype.
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    If the vehicle registration for a commercial motor vehicle reflect a model year of 2000 or newer, bu

    If the vehicle registration for a commercial motor vehicle reflect a model year of 2000 or newer, but the engine plate or documentation from the manufacturer indicates that the engine is older than model year 2000, is the vehicle exempt from the ELD rule?

    Yes. While an ELD may voluntarily be used in vehicles that are model year 1999 or older, use of an ELD is not required in these vehicles; likewise, vehicles with engines predating model year 2000 are to be treated as exempt, even if the VIN number reported on the registration indicates that the CMV is a later model year. When a vehicle is registered, the model year should follow the criteria established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). There may be instances where the model year reflected on the vehicle registration is not the same as the engine model year, most commonly when a vehicle is rebuilt using a “glider kit.” In this circumstance, an inspector/investigator should use the model year on the engine to determine if the driver is exempt from the ELD requirements. If the engine model year is older than 2000, the driver is not subject to the ELD rule. While the driver is not required to possess documentation that confirms the vehicle engine model year, 49 CFR Part 379 Appendix A requires motor carriers to maintain all documentation on motor and engine changes at the principle place of business. If a determination cannot be made at the roadside, safety official should refer the case for further investigation.
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    If you are just using the Big Road app and it is not connected to your ECM I don't think that is qualified as a legal ELD. I'm not an expert, but in my research, you have to have the DashLink connected to your ECM.
    @Scooter Jones
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    Honestly I thought you were in the truck in your avatar. Maybe I'm over zealous. Or just love old trucks.
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    Yes you are correct. Was just suggesting if he wanted 2 try out an eld and does really have a exempt 98-99 engine. It’s what I used past 2 years until had 2 go fully compliant. Still use big road with the plug in. And still is pretty user friendly if u get my drift
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    That 1 in avatar is close to the one I have- It stays Local here in the City- No one is driving it,Im reluctant to put it on the road

    Had a 1985 LTL9000 ,Sold it in 07' shoulda kept it, Smokin Hot Ford with Dayton wheels painted red n gray to match the truck- Not a speck of rust. Boy were those fun days.

    I was going to stay Local both trucks but customers are Begging me (TRULY BEGGING) to service their customers on my regular lanes.. Almost to a point where they may need to buy their own fleet again like years past.

    So I hope I can get this Ridiculously Stupid ELD thing worked out.

    Frickin Embarrassment to me and the Industry itself.
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    I will drive your old truck.
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    Well it probably doesn't help that pre pass is closed on the weekends, and you want ACTION NOW GOD ######!!!

    Call Monday and have their tech support walk you through it lol.
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    Buy a $150,000 truck and a $150 eld?
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