Looking to find desperate traveler on road from louisiana to N. J.

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    Mar 17, 2023
    If you are a trucker driving from Louisianna or Tennessee, Miss., Alabama on roads generally traveled to Pa ir NJ then please read. This is a DESPERATE PLEA to anyone out there to help me find someone very dear to me as if he was my own son. He was last seen trying to get back from Louisiana as he has been stuck there since last year. Long story. Last seen somewhere on the road in Northern Louisiana headed to RT 90 Sunday early morning headed towards NJ. PLEASE SHARE + KEEP SHARING to anyone you know or publicly especially in Tenn, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, DC, Md, Pa, or NJ, Im not sure how far he has been able to get. HE IS WITHOUT MEANS, WITHOUT A PHONE, WITHOUT FOOD ( probably for several days) WITHOUT WARM CLOTHES. HE HAS a HEART CONDITION + BY NOW IS PROBABLY OUT OF HIS MEDS AT THIS POINT. A kind soul let him use a phone to call me at 3 a.m. however at the time I had no way to help him, not even thinking until after the call ended that I probably gave him the wrong impression that I couldn't help him at all. I regret not keeping him on the phone to explain more, or asking him to call me somehow the next day. I had been helping him right along until all my resources had been exhausted. He had been stuck in Louisiana basically being held hostage by doctors who who would not clear him to travel because of serious health issues since June. After that he was robbed , + then SCAMMED BY PEOPLE WHO REPRESENTED THEMSELVES AS A SOCIAL WORKER + ATTORNEYS FOR A LAWSUIT AGAINST A HOSPITAL THAT PERFORMED UNNECCESARY SURGERY ON HIM. HE SINCE THEN WAS ASSAULTED, ROBBED AGAIN OF EVERYTHING, AND I FEAR AT THIS POINT HE MIGHT BE FEELING SO HELPLESS THAT HE COULD GIVE UP ON LIFE. I know its a long shot but finding him will be 9/10 of a solution. And then contacting me to get him back home. His name is Richard Davis.27 yrs old. approx. 5"10" or so. He had lost a lot of weight so not sure 130 -150 pounds. Overgrown Afro style hair ( dark) light skinned Puerto Rican. Glasses He is very fragile right now. I have reached out to the state police departments of the states he is more likely trying to hitch hike on. (Evidently rt 90 is well known for that). But they are unwilling to even help keep an eye open for him on the roads. Please just keep sharing this for me before it is too late. My number is the one # he remembers so if you find him, please let him call me + give him something to eat. Or if you see him let me know in this post. If anyone is friendly with any truckers that travel the east coast, also reach out to them please. Maybe they can communicate with or put out an APB to other truckers PLEASE HELP ME FIND RICHIE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. HE HAS HAD A LOT TO ENDURE IN HIS LIFE, ESPECIALLY IN THE LAST YEAR. MY HEART IS SO WEARY RIGHT Now. My contact info is Peter T in pa. 215 681 8747
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