Lowboy Rates/ Advice?

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  1. johndeere4020

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    Jan 1, 2010
    There was a thread about it but I can’t find it, here’s the letter.

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  2. brianv31

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    Mar 5, 2010
    LeRoy, IL
    Customers who aren't regularly moving oversize/overweight freight likely will not easily understand why your rates are what they are. Perfect example of why OSOW rates need to cover the expense of the load you're hauling and a little more, this week Ohio's system has been down and they are today back to whittling down their backlog of permit orders from this week, albeit slowly since I'm told their normal system has yet to be restored. We have an 11' W load from northern Illinois going east of Cleveland, and we sit and wait. I had the next load lined up as well, which we can't cover now because I have no idea when he will be able to roll. Customers generally don't consider instances like this which happen in OSOW business. It's part of it, but the cost can't come out of the goodness of somebody's heart.

    And yes, rates on brokered OSOW right now are cheap.
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    Sep 27, 2015
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    Just got loaded in Toledo with 80ft railroad rails. Called our permit girl and she said the fax thing. I was like are you talking to dinosaurs. So I feel your pain for Ohio.
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    Also, OSOW loads are subject to curfews and extended routing. Also time to plan, purchase, print permits, as well as being stopped at scales to present permits.
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    One of the more unique curfews I have seen is during football season when there is a home game, OS can't travel in southeastern Nebraska on Saturday. They do take their Huskers football seriously, even in the state legislature.
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    Jan 30, 2010
    Ok, here is what I think you should do. DONT just go and by a lowboy and truck not having experience. There is alot of that going on. Rates are in my opinion not something I will talk about to an outsider. EVER. if you really want to get in this line of work find someone or a company that is willing to teach you about heavyhaul/oversize.
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