M, 2.5y/exp. Lower mainland BC, Canada only trips

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  1. NotTheTypicalDriver

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    Nov 25, 2019
    Hello, and hope to meet you!

    I am 27 years old and what I would consider to be an optimal but high strung candidate.
    I do not smoke or drink or do any drugs.
    I work maximum hours non-stop as I take care of myself throughout.
    I eat healthy and meal prep, drink coffee and water only.
    I am extremely clean and good hygiene is important to me.
    I have no criminal record and the only thing on my driving claims record is a moose hit, minimal damage.

    I have 3 companies that wish to employ me from Lower mainland BC to approximately Toronto or canada only runs along the trans-Canada highway.
    Brand new trucks, top rates and constant work.

    I am looking for someone with hustle who moves fast, talks minimally unless on the phone while moving, and is focused on squeezing out all the miles they can get from each shift. In each shift we are required to take 30-60 minutes of break which should include your shower and whatever stop you are required to make. I will be a member of goodlife which will be regularly visited to maintain health and wellness. Those times take 2-3 hours and shorten my next break to 30mins. Usually taken upon delivery of load.
    If this sounds like a great fit for you please feel free to ask questions and address concerns.

    I am also in the future looking to secure an American dual citizenship to move there permanently. If you can assist me with that with guarantees feel free to contact me as well.
    Savage.keith@hotmail.com is an alternative way to reach me.
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