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    Hauling glass is what you make of it...

    From what I've read on this forum I have hauled more glass than anybody I have seen on here so far. My Dad hauled nothing but glass for 26 years (mostly for Metler), another good friend of mine has been hauling glass for about 24 years.

    If his load was on the interstate, its most likely because he didn't properly secure it. Vboard under the straps keeps the straps from getting cut, and knowing what sizes of glass can be placed where on the trailer is also important because if you put a stoce that is too small next to one that is too have no downward or inward pressure on the outside stoce which will result in cut straps and/or a rollover.

    There is a lot you have to know and understand to haul glass...but its not hard to do.

    I'm no supertrucker...but the only time I ever had any broken glass was on a load that was broken when they loaded it in Laurinburg...I took it all the way to Lathrop, CA without it breaking anymore than it was.

    I put duct tape on the cracked sheet of glass (lots of duct tape) to hold it together. The duct tape kept that piece from breaking and ruining the rest of the stoce.

    Waiting on is not one bit worse than steel.

    I enjoyed hauling glass...the only reason I quit doing it was because I got picked to go to the heavy haul fleet and machinery is easier and payed better at the time (900 miles average length of haul), lots of loads going to the west coast....and thats what I wanted to do to begin with (truly long haul).
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