max legal miles

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    Ever been to a strip club? As long as they're throwing money at you, you keep your arse onstage.
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    Oct 26, 2012
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    Your max legal miles will be roughly 11 hours of driving at slightly above the maximum speed limit for the areas traveled through. In Nevada, you can easily burn up the desert in a loaded semi at 70MPH. In California, you'll get like 20 percent less miles. Again, you would just take 11 hours of drive time and multiply it by the average speed limit of the areas you travel through. Traffic conditions and changes in speed limit will be your biggest factors, and obviously your mileage will be faster traveling on flat terrain as opposed to mountains.
  4. joseph1135

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    I did 632 miles from City of Industry, CA to Weed, CA in just under 11 hours. 60 mph most of the way.
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    Mar 18, 2008
    Your reading comprehension is very low sir.

    One discussion is about freight rates, the other is about drivers rate per mile.
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    watching you newbies sweat it out...???
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    I once live loaded in El Paso on Monday morning and delivered in Garretsville, Ohio on Wednesday afternoon.
  8. striker

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    Years ago, I used to run Denver to Grand Junction, Co. and back 6 days a week, 512 miles rnd trip, that was 3,072 miles per week and I never left the state, each day was 11 hrs. It also helps I have a 75 mph, running in primarily 75 mph states. But I've done 3,500 miles in a 5.5 or 6 day week many times. Most miles I've ever run was 12,750 in a 31 day month, and I was parked 6 of those days.

    Five weeks ago, I ran 3,460 miles in 5.5 days, totally legal on one log book.
  9. pattyj

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    1800 miles/27 hrs how'd ya do it?Nevermind,I redid the math and see it can be done.Hated loads like that with zero window time.
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    It is called speeding! Yes, most enforcement wont pull over if you are within 5 mph of the speed limit. It takes time to reach highway speed, even small hills will slow down a high horsepower light truck. If you average the speed limit, that is proof you were speeding.
    I don't believe they can give you moving violation, but they can write it up as a logbook violation. Will they? The safety officers where I have driven claim they will. They have said that 5 mph under is still questionable.
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    I hope you are not being serious.
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