maxxforce 13 turbo removal

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by ADKTRANS, Dec 13, 2021.


    ADKTRANS Bobtail Member

    Dec 13, 2021
    I have a 2011 pro star with the maxxforce 13 and 10 spd trans. exhaust manifold leaks at the egr tubes and at the rear manifold at the head. I read similar threads on how to replace the rear section of the manifold, however doing so its apparent someone else has had this apart and damaged the center part of the manifold by slotting the egr tube bolt hole with a cutoff wheel, im assuming to remove a broken bolt. in doing so they cut a hole in the manifold and tried to epoxy/abraze it to put it back together. its a cobbled mess. and leaks horribly. If anyone has a breakdown or steps to removing the manifold to replace the entire thing, I started tonight, seems the turbo removal process is where I got stumped. does it all come out as 1 unit or do the turbos come out seperately? I have the down time to fix it as I know its not an easy job or a quick job. was hoping maybe Heavy D would chime in with some of his wisdom on these, as well as anyone else thats been down this road with these trucks. taking it to the dealer is out of the question as they are the ones that cobbled it up like this for the previous owner. thank you for any help!
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