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Discussion in 'May Trucking' started by Scooter Jones, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Scooter, I haven't done any of what youve said above. And youve called me every name under the sun including a liar. You have done so in this thread, and in other threads as well, and now you're trying to act like your #### dont stink.

    Show me one derogatory remark I have made about the guys driving for May (other than you). What youre doing is trying to drag everybody in to this, instead of being a man and fighting your own battles. Actually, all you have managed to do is use your status as a trainer LOL to get a couple of wannabes to follow you around like little ankle biting puppies.

    Those little puppies aren't wise enough yet to understand the #### your shoveling them. You are perpetuating the garbage paying jobs that infect the trucking industry. Once again kids, any company that charges you to idle the truck you are assigned is TRASH. Whats next? They gonna start charging you to sleep in the truck at night? Maybe youll have to start renting the tires on your company issued truck? AFter that maybe theyll want you to buy oil and antifreeze too?

    I was willing to put double my money where your mouth is, since you called me a liar. Apparently you are willing to call a guy a liar, but you aren't willing to back it up when challenged.

    I will give the name of that company, and maybe a couple of others if asked nicely in a PM by somebody that lives local to me, and I feel they would make a good candidate.. I have already done so previously. I sent a guy I met from this site to that company, and he is currently working there. I sent a second guy there also, but he flunked the #### drug test. And I aint NEVER gonna let an idiot like that ruin my reputation ever again. I ####### VOUCHED FOR HIM!!! You call me cold hearted and arrogant? No, not hardly. Once bitten twice shy is more like it.
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    It is funny how Kansas and American Trucker are so worried about giving out the information to these new rookie drivers out of fear of losing their opportunity at a high paying job. Are you too really that ignorant? You think that a company would hire a guy with 0-1 year experience over you with 4-10 years experience? Not to mention that you are talking about companies in your local area. I sure the hell ain't gonna move to NC, or SC, or Kansas to get a job because it pays better. To much to give up here. So either put the names down here, so that we can yet again do our own research and prove you wrong or right whatever the case may be. If you don't or won't put the names down here then that will make it pretty obviouse that you are just blowing smoke up our ashes, and that you really are as ignorant as you appear to be from all the runaround.
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    Piedmount Transport
    South Eastern Freightlines
    UPS Frieght
    FedEX Freight
    Conway Freight
    Old Dominion

    just to name a Few...

    American Trucker
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    Let's tone down the insults and skirting the bad word filter. You all can get your point across without going there.
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    Wow, i decided to get on here and read all the threads that pertain to May( which is as you all know i have named my New Family. In all the threads i have read i have never came across a conversation that has caused so much hate and discontent as The Idle Policy. I am not going to add to the hate and discontent, however remind all of you whether Proud May or Non-May that whether going down the road or being on this thread or site the word that comes to mind Proffesionalism. We can all agree or disagree but lets do it in a manner that those that read these post know that we are professionals. As you all know i am no longer at may, you will have to read the other thread if you dont allready know, any ways, for now i took a job in the oil field, i have drove truck in the past but as we all know when we fill out apps they all or most of them ask or want recent experience. So i drove 8 months for May and got hired driving a 2010 pete with a sleeper on it 13 speed, and getting 21.00 dollars an hour , start at 530am in the morning home by 6pm, and guranteed 10 hrs a day so far i had a day wheres i only had 4hrs but got payed for ten. So there are driving jobs that will hire with less than 100 years of experience, however along with some of those jobs you earn every dollar you make, just letting you know that there are driving jobs in the oil field
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    Apr 19, 2011
    Will do...

    I should of used the word private part instead ;-)
  7. Scooter Jones

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    Apr 19, 2011
    There you go AT. See, that wasn't that hard.

    All you newbies who just graduated from truck driving school or current drivers with a years experience, AT has provided a list of companies where you can get a job making $60,000 to $70,000 a year to start.

    After you get a job at one of these companies making that kind of money, come back and let us know how it's going!
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    That's the lease deal, lol.
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    Apr 19, 2011
    Yep, we have to buy our own wipers and fifth wheel grease too. In fact, I have to pay a monthly fee for the Qualcomm.

    How ridiculous is this going to get?
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    Kansas, I will try and make this my last response to you.

    I posted this thread because I wanted to clarify May Trucking's idling policy. One of the first replies by someone on this thread outside of May Trucking was yours, remember? You made it 5 days ago here

    You sarcastically replied, "Is this a joke?".

    I don't ever recall having any contact with you on this forum, or, any other forum, and unlike you, I don't go around to other company threads making snarky remarks about their companies or their drivers. That just seems weird to me too be honest with you.

    You also told me, "Actually, jokes on you. Your problem is you cant think outside the box. You've been a slave for so long, you couldn't tell green grass from ###."

    How do you know that? You don't even know me. Did you just assume that because I work for May Trucking? It appears that's the case. Which is very presumptuous on your part.

    I shared some of my experience in post #90, however, noticed that you nor American Trucker responded to it.

    May Trucking doesn't need me to defend them, good Lord, in the whole scheme of the things, they are a small and insignificant player in the trucking industry numerically. They only have a thousand trucks on the road.

    If you think that it's important for you to criticize their business practices from where you sit in Kansas, have at it.
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