Maybe the Shortest Career in Trucking

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    If you dragged the cable lines down then you just did half the job for the repair man. He should of had them 14' or higher in the first place. They should be thanking you for that.

    To the OP: Don't sweat it. Those are all relatively small, minor incidents. I am sure none of them resulted in an insurance claim. You didn't hurt anyone. Keep applying to the big companies, explain to them what you are trying to do, you will find something. Perhaps see if you can find a company that will run you for very long loads so you get more experience on the driving part, and can hopefully adjust your schedule around a little bit so you can be parking at the truck stop in the early afternoon when there are plenty of spaces and you can get a little bit of practice every day. If you aren't comfortable with that, use rest areas for your breaks, they are generally easier and fill up a little later than the truck stops do.

    All in all, don't let it get you down. Crap happens. What would you rather say? "I had a few screw ups in the beginning and got canned so I just gave up and quit." Or, "I had a few screw ups in the beginning, got canned, but was determined enough to put myself where I am now." If trucking is really what you enjoy and want to do, you will make it happen. Good luck to you.
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    I had a guy in Wisconson scream and yell at me when i turned into his dock from the street and drove over his ''Precious Lawn''...He raised hell and called Landstar.I said there is no way not to roll over the lawn..

    This guy was looking for a ''freebie''.So i stepped out of my rig armed with my Camera.I seen that this was all ''old'' marks from other trailers..So i started snapping pictures and sent them to Landstar....This guy had a Landscaper there in 30 Minutes and he gave a 500.00 est.

    Landstar Agreed to his B/S Story and gave him 300.00 towards it to shut him up and get the landscapers in to fix it.The guy ''agreed''..It was not ''charged'' to me....And they were fixing it as i left the complex...:biggrin_25512:

    Watch out.There are people running SCAMS to blame a driver with the Million Dollar Ins...Happens everyday...
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    See what I mean driver. These guys are pros and look at the mess they get into.:biggrin_255: There was this one time in LA pulling a 13 axle transport running teams when the other driver pulled into a.............:biggrin_25512:
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    Jul 2, 2013
    I have a similar situation, drove for a carrier right out of cdl school for 4 months took time off for my sons birth when i came back was told they didnt have a position for me. I went to work for an owner operator that hauled loads for that company was promoted to driver trainer status. 3 months later i had a head on collision in wisconsin non preventable, my boss told me I was taken off of trainer status due to the accident and he only wanted team drivers and did not have anyone close to my area for me to team with, the company i was hauling for said they terminated me according to my dac but i was not actually employed by them. Worked for another company for two weeks got terminated for getting truck stuck in mud to avoid hitting a car that pulled in front of me. its been 5 years since Ive driven but Im not giving up I renewed my cdl and my dot physical last year. If anyone knows a company that can work with me please help me Im homeless now and working a job but I only carry home about 70 a week after child support.
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    Ok I'm going to be a jerk here sorry, suck it up #### happens!!!! Get on with a small company and get your ### moving again !!!! #### I'm tires of all the whiners on here.
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    I cant get on with a smaller company without at least one year experience which I am just short of, Im not whining Im just saying I was treated unfairly for things I couldnt control and due to that Ive lost everything. Maybe you missed th goe part where I said Im homeless and all my money goes to child support. If not for the grace of God and my love for my kids Id have taken my life years ago. So even though I dont wish any of this on anyone dont assume that you cannot experience something similar and see how it feels if someone tells you what you just said.
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    Paying attention is the key and not rushing anything. If you're insecure stop in the middle of traffic and g.o.a.l. accidents happen but, most of the time they can be avoided.
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    Just take some time off and if you really want drive try and get a little more training and just leave the past in the past been there done that probably will have more before I get out of it.As others said anybody who said NEVER had an accident either lies or dam lucky

    also really respect the way you took credit and didn't whine about it much respect for that
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    Who told you that? The CDL school? The carrier that fired you?

    Here's a piece of advice: grab a phone directory and call every trucking company listed! My husband has done it. First one with less than 4 months experience. Second one shortly after that. Today, he is back at one of those companies, and I doubt he ever looks at a different company again.
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    after 22 months of driving you know when the laws were good

    I must be confused yet again
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