Miles with Melton Question

Discussion in 'Melton' started by Rollr4872, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Rollr4872

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    Feb 5, 2018
    I’ve looked through and haven’t seen much on this so if there is already a threat on this I’d greatly appreciated someone linking it. I was curious as to if anyone here is still driving for Melton and if they are how are the miles? I’ve been looking into Melton and thinking about going with them and they kind of seem to be too good to be true and I was wondering what the catch was and it looks like the catch is people not really getting any miles. So I was wondering how many miles you average per week, month and year, and if you feel like they’re lacking in the miles they give you, and just your overall impression of the company and if you’d recommend it to a new driver?
  2. elamigowapo

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    Apr 18, 2017
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