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    You talked to Faye right ? She's not a "trainer" anymore just classroom stuff. Yes you will have to get a KY license My class was the last one to take IN students and out of 5 only one got his CDL because of IN politics. By "cheap labor" I mean you will only get .10 a mile for your 4 or 5 or more weeks with a trainer. They wont turn you loose unless the trainer feels confident you can drive. After that you will run city for a week by yourself. Its easy but you could work ALL day or drive trucks to the truck wash or you could make one run. They have accounts all over Louisville, and Indiana. Mostly your taking empties to GE or something or bringing back loaded trailers for the OTR drivers. I ran about 350 a day working city. I stayed on city for a month or so. You dont wanna do that. A solo driver wont get a dedicated run. I think there are 4 or 5 teams that run dedicated and they are never home. I have been home every weekend except one because we went to Laredo, Texas to LA and back. I have no regrets. I have 1600 miles solo this week so far and I am at home now for the second time this week. Going out tonight on a team run. But I will be back Saturday morning or late Friday night and have Monday off. You can take off any time you want. They will always work with you, just answer your phone when they call and dont turn down any runs and NEVER lie to them. When I leave out on a run, no I dont know where my next run will be much less my backhaul. You never know from day to day but they will give you ample time to rest up before you leave out. You will know at least 10 hours in advance. I was bored at first till I got a Sirius Radio. Its a good company I'm sure some road dogs can find things to ##### about but I dont have any complaints. I always have money. If you need cash they will give ou an advance everytime you ask and never say "why". So yea I'm happy being there. You do get worn out and it takes a while for your body to adjust to sleeping when you can and sitting there for hours on end. The best thing you can do is get your Permit now and watch you tube video's of sliding tandems and fifth wheel and shifting it will help you drastically and your seeing it before you start school so your have a leg up. Look up trucker steve and trucker two time. Pretty good instruction videos on you tube. Once you can PM me I can talk to you on the phone or something. Some things are better left off of here. :biggrin_2559:
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    I've worked at Mr p express for 6 yrs, every year I've made $60k or better.....except my first. It's July now and I'm at $44k......u do the math.
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    i actually saw a tv commercial for this company. does the op still post on here? if so, are you still happy there?
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    What type of drug test does Mister P do?
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    I would asoom a company named mister p would be doing p tests
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