modified BBI box and antenna questions with my 2010 International Prostar

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    I need some advice with my antenna set up along with my amp. I drive a 2010 pro star running a 1991 RCI 2950 with variable power and modified no name black box done by BBI out of Boise Idaho. Radio is set at a 2 watt dead key with my amp doing around 600 watts. I received the amp in the mail just this past weekend and hooked it up in my truck and got some feed back from a couple of my buddies. Test on am I sounded okay but test on ssb I sounded great. Okay well I talked to to another friend of mine on lsb38 who said I sounded terrible and distorted. I was using a stock mic and had the mic gain set at 1 o'clock and still didn't sound right? I thought maybe there could be a problem with the amp, but I just got it back. He replaced the four 1446 pills with four 2879's with a 2-5 watt dead key from the radio and you drive 75-100 watts into to get the full 600 watts. Well I spoke with my friend who done the box and we talked and he had suggested that I may need to ship the box back and have him test it. The thing is he tested it before he shipped it and it was working great unless the package got dropped idk. He asked me what my swr was on my rig I said last I checked it was at a 1.3 well of course when you run big watts your swr is gonna change and get higher. So I was in Gary, IN at the TA and spoke with the CB tech there and him look at my swr with his MFJ259b. Well he checked it out and this was the report ch1 1.7 ch20 1.7 ch40 1.8 so I know that the 1.8 on 40 means my antenna is too long so he cut a little off and report was ch1 1.1 ch20 1.1 ch40 1.1 okay after he did that I left and got some radio checks on am and ssb on DX I was loud and kicking ###. Well as of yesterday I heard some funny crackling sounds coming from my radio with the amp on and got another radio check. Driver said I sounded like crap and bunched up. So I wanted to double check my swr using my meters in my truck. Meter 1 I used was an Aries A-swr460 meter that I've had but I think its junk so meter2 was an old meter I bought at a ham fest that's quit accurate so it said my swr on 1,20 was a 1.4 40 was a 1.7 got another radio check I sounded like crap ... well I'm at menards in Forest Lake, MN writing this on my phone and another radio check on am and ssb I sounded great. I'm using a copper wire as a ground for my antenna at it was connected to the bolt on the bottom passenger door hinge well I moved it inside the cab on the passenger handle ... can anyone help me out with my issues and is my amp fine or do I need to get rid of it and just buy a new amp l?? Could my antenna be causing my amp and radio problems ... thanks

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    Unfortunately you probably need to send your amplifier to an experienced and qualified amplifier builder. If you have a Facebook account you should talk to some of the people at There are many other stories like yours on there along with people that have some great knowledge and advice.
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