Moving from Seattle to Miami in December- best route?

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    Oct 10, 2018
    Hello all. I'm active duty military currently at JBLM, WA. Just found out that we're going to be moving to Miami in first half of December. Looking at driving a 16 foot van towing our car on a tow dolly behind it across the country. When we moved out here from Columbus, GA, I drove a 26 foot moving van with our car on a car carrier, however that was in July/August so weather was not a factor. A friendly trucker stopped and talked to us while we were sitting on the side of the road in Kansas City with a flat tire and told us to take I-80 and I-84 instead of I-90.

    Google tells me to take I-90 across to North Dakota, however I know that has some pretty remote and mountainous stretches that can get pretty snowy in winter, so I'm just looking for any advice on if you guys and gals think it'd be better to take I-80 or one of the more southerly routes across the mountains.
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    May 22, 2016
    Kind of early to guess which route. The weather past few years has been wacky. My advice is to check each states road conditions a few days before your trip and plan that way. Also check enroute for changing conditions. If weather was perfect I would run 84 80.
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    Fargo got 13 inches yesterday....just food for thought. It is that timeof year when ducks fly south...think they might know a bit ....

    Personally, I would plan on 84 to Lincoln, NE, then NE 2 to catch I-35 south then angle your way down to FL.
    Pay attentioin to weather especially crossing WY and NE....gets really ugly when the storms are rolling through.
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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Denver east to Limon and into western Kansas had some snow this week. Im not current on details but its here.

    I-40 is a winter road for the Nation. So for you in Seattle. you work your way down. Probably Redding CA and then cross over the Sierras to get out of california eventually hitting I-40.

    A word on Portland. Do NOT stop or go downtown, This week you have Antifa bad guys interfering with, assaulting and threatening people and interfering with their driving downtown just this week. The Portland police appear not to give a #### and so forth.

    Ride that all the way across past Texas, start working your way down towards Atlanta. Probably I-40 to Memphis and then US 79 I think to I-20 and thence to Atlanta. (Do not stop in downtown Memphis for any reason whatsoever. If you have to stop do it before you hit Earle Arkansas for your fuel, food and rest which is about 60 miles to the west of Memphis.

    Due to the Hurricane Michael and Damages just today you want to go from Atlanta to JACKSONVILLE FLA and dead south on 95 to Miami. Do NOT try to penetrate south half of alabama, below Atlanta and definately not anywhere Tampa West to Mobile. Forget that. They will still be in storm response and so on in that region of the USA when you get to Atlanta. You bypass all that.

    The route I gave you is somewhat long. But trading a few dollars in time and fuel burn providing the use of the winter road in decent weather is a pretty good ride.

    Me? I'll cross out of Cabbage into Wyoming via Odgen and work my way down past Denver running the woods on 287 to Dallas and east working down. But many people are not me. Thank god.
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    Yes but the roads were cleared quickly. SW Wyoming received 4 inches and the interstate was closed much of the day.

    Via Ogden and Wyoming, Lincoln, KCmo, etc is the way most would go in summer. But in winter you have to check forecasts and potentially deviate around weather. Wyoming and Nebraska can be brutal with multi day closures if you’re timing is unfortunate.

    I recommend referring to this web site when it comes time to pull out of Seattle and decide accordingly. If Wyoming is progd to get a major winter system, roads can potentially be closed for 48+ hours. But even relatively minor systems can make for treacherous conditions for days to follow because of blowing snow.

    WPC Winter Weather Forecasts

    Thanks for your service to our nation.
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  6. Lysdexis

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    Oct 25, 2018
    If it were me I'd run 5 south into California and then shoot 10 across to Jacksonville then 95 to Miami.
  7. skellr

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    Jul 17, 2011
    The Village, Portmeirion
    Best route is subjective. :D

    I would shoot down through Utah on US highways, run through the 4-corners area, or through the "valley of the gods" and then scoot across I-40 and find a more efficient path through the "lame" areas.
  8. Jazz1

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    May 7, 2012
    Thunder Bay On
    Nice selection of routes. I would follow GPS and change routing depending on the weather if you are not comfortable driving through winter conditions.
    Crossing Canada we are limited to ONE route, and she's a beaut!
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    Jul 12, 2017
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    Google maps routes are okay, but you want to use the Weather Channel app to check the weather in your route and on the days you plan to travel. You want a route with as little winter conditions. Taking I-90 is faster, but will be colder, possibly with more winter-related conditons, and will reduce your fuel mileage. You also want to check each state’s website for road conditions. The sites will tell you if the roads are dry or icy and if the chain law is up (or road closures). Here is an example for the state of Wyoming (I-80).

    WYDOT Travel Information Service (Laramie)

    Other things you want to look for is toll roads. Denver, Colorado has a toll road (E-470) that is avoidable. Florida has toll roads, but some of those toll roads may not be worth avoiding because you will end up in the streets or doing long out-of-route miles. Take plenty of cash with you to pay for tolls. GasBuddy website can also give you a route based on fuel prices. Take a spare tire, jack, tire chains, antigel for diesel treatment, coolant, engine oil,... and check tire psi and condition, and leaks under hood.

    There is less traffic on the weekends (except Sunday evening). It’s also a good idea to travel during daylight. Once the sun goes down, lack of daylight sends signals to the body that it is time to sleep. This is a challenge even to experienced drivers. The first half of your trip will be pretty lonely. You will start seeing lots of vehicles after Kansas City.

    This is the route I recommend:

    I-90e, I-82e, I-84e, I-80e, I-25s, I-270e (Denver), I-70e, I-670e (Kansas City), I-70e, I-64e, I-57s, I-24e, I-75s, I-475s (Macon, Georgia), I-75s, Florida’s turnpike, take exit 152 to I-95s.
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