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    Jan 18, 2009
    It varies a lot. Sometimes he is on the road for as little as 3 weeks sometimes as long as six weeks. He's on;y been out west once and that was to the Seattle, WA area. Most of his runs have been in Texas and New Mexico and he has also had quite a few in Wisocnsin, Minnesota, and Michigan as well as the states in between.

    He hates cold weather so when he got tired of the cold he asked for something warmer and that's when he started doing runs in Texas.
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    I worked for deBoer for a few weeks. Yeah huge ding on my DAC! But luckly I am not one of them drivers that jumps ship b4 one year. The orientation is out in the middle of no where and you might not have cell service there, and you will have to use a company car to go get food at night. The "bunk house" uncomfortable bed (uncomfy as well) and a chair in a walk in closet. Orientation is the same every where, make you sure you have $ for a bus ticket home cause one will not be provided to you. My 1st week was spent waiting for my truck to get out of the shop. When it finally got out I did a great inpection on it and it went right back into the shop due to cracks in most of the breaks, new tires needed, and a leaky radiator. They would have been happy if I would have just taken the truck with out a look over but I'm smarter than that. They did give me a different truck to use while "my" POS was in the shop. Well this loner truck was not much better than mine was but I was broke and needed to run. They ran me decent for about a week, when my loner truck needed to hit the shop for tranny probs, thats when I decided I needed to get away and fast! My biggest problem with them is their equipment! While I was in orientation the folks there for a while just kept saying " Don't break down" well now I know why, but its hard not to break down when they wont keep up their equipment. My sugestion find a different Company to run for.
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    I was really impressed when I ran into one of their drivers at domtar in west carrolton, oh. I really liked that mucousy bloody stain on his T-shirt from the incision for his open heart surgery he'd just had two weeks prior. I also really liked my truck that couldn't stay out of the shop for more than two days. Real top notch outfit there!
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