My honest, no BS, opinion of P.A.M.

Discussion in 'PAM' started by ChipW, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Jun 23, 2011
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    I would go with prime if those where only choices Atleast prime pay is better.
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    Jul 22, 2011
    Let me put my experience this way - the best job I had ever had up to that point was making $7.65 an hour - so when I got that first paycheck as a solo driver, even though it was only $650 or so, I was ecstatic. I had never made more than $300 in a week, and then I'm making more than double that amount.

    I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn a valuable trade, and to be able to make a good living off of it. I feel it as a blessing from God himself.
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    Amen to that sir.

    In a way, PAM is learning us on the trucking career... In the past few weeks I've been going thru the hardest possible places, i.e. NYC, Carefree Industrial and a combination of many of the hardest docks ever imagined. For this I'll b eternally grateful to Pamela, for giving me the training I need for my future career that I love. You gotta love this industry to put up with a lot of the nonsense, so it's a definite plus when a company gives you a 360 degree introduction on what to expect.
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    Jun 18, 2012
    My hubby will have his 1 year contract fullfilled next week and we can't wait!!! Has been a long hard year with PAM he already has another job waiting, thank God we choose 3 companies and applied and are so grateful the company we most wanted is the place he was hired at. The other 2 called but after considering all things the company he is going with was the best fit.
    Grateful to PAM for the experience but it's a difficult company to work for "with WORK being the operative word" too much time sitting waiting, haven't gotten a single run the past 2 weeks without calling and ########, you shouldn't have to beg to do your job. One good week a month if you are lucky then you spend the 3 weeks struggling to get by.
    We never came into this thinking we'd make a fortune but a halfway decent living would be nice.
    Sad thing is PAM could be a great company if they cared at all about their drivers, but I don't believe they do or ever will.
    At any rate it's almost over and time to move on to better things, we said when he started we could do anything for a year and we managed but some days it was really hard.
    Good luck to anyone starting with PAM and remember you can do anything for a year..
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    Dec 19, 2011
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    I've been in with PAM for almost 5 months and I've had some good days and bad days, but over all I've learned that the terminals are dirty and that if you want a positive outlook on PAM stay away from the Terminals. Miles are ok, I miss the very first DM I had he kept me running and then the team DM's kept me and my teammate running. Now I am here in the shop because Tonitown shop will not let you leave until everything on that truck is right. I go out to the truck to get some stuff out and I had new tires and some other repairs done. All I wanted was my Qualcomm fixed, and then I go over to inquire and the foreman says, "your truck is going to the body shop" Well I rather get it done then passing up all the yards that have shops. Anywho no complaints yet.
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    Aug 12, 2012
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    let me start off by saying hi to everyone. having said that. I have been doing research on trucking companys for awhile now and i think PAM is the best company for me to start my career in truck driving. I have wanted to be a truck driver for as long as i can remember.(being young riding in the back seat of my parents car seeing those huge trucks going down the road, hearing the jake brake roar going passed, it was amazing). ok so moving from childhood fantasy and to adult career. I am going to be working for PAM since i dont have the disposable income to pay for school and they offer the training through driver soloutions. From the research i have done i have seen MANY pros and cons about the company. To me its sounding like EVERY company has its issues. but mostly its seeming like its simply the driver. Some love it some hate it. But like i said it seems like you get that with every company so because of that fact im not baseing my choice on reviews. Im baseing it on the fact that PAM seems to be the best choice for what i need out of my first trucking company.

    Having said that, I do not intend on staying with PAM after my contract year ends. I simply refuse to stay with a company that does not appreciate its faithful dependable drivers. Im simply using this as a means to get my foot in the door of the trucking industry.

    Now that i have explained my situation, Let me tell you about my plans as far as why i am here. like i said before. i have read MANY forums and various sites concerning trucking and the first year. but have yet to get a detailed explanation on the process from start to finish. now yes if you spend enough time looking you can find the whole thing but its a little on this site a little on that site kinda thing and that really wasnt what i was looking for. So since i have already committed myself to this profession im going to help future truckers in my same situation. im going to do this by posting every little thing i can about my experience. from the very beginning to the very end of my contract year. the good the bad and the ugly, because that is what i was looking for and could never find. So together we are going to take a journey through the process of becoming a truck driver. i hope this helps people like me in the future. This will be without BS or bias i have never trucked before and noone is paying me to say the things that i will be saying throughout my journey this is just a honest opinion of my experience. I will post everything as it happens.I will be attending C1 truck driving school in indianapolis without further adue lets get to it.

    8/6/12: Called the driver solutions recruiter/ completed the application online.

    8/7/12: Called my recruiter as scheduled. Started and completed the EGEARS program (which i love having access to. great preschool training and if your worried about not passing some tests like me you can take practice tests as many times as you want till you feel comfortable)

    8/8/12: Called recruiter as scheduled Set my start date for school for 8/20/12

    8/9/12: Yet another call to the recruiter as scheduled. Verified a few things and was told that by monday i should know if everything is a go.

    More to come as it happens. I truly hope that when this is finished this will help drivers looking at PAM as a option for getting their foot in the door as well.

    The best to all J.Irish
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    Maybe u should start another thread with all the details, it'll b easier for new guys to get what they need. Especially since this thread's already got 59 pages.
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    thanks airforce i did.
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    Maybe you should stick your thumb up your butt. :p lol
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    Thanks, I was wondering about PAM. This was helpful
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