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Discussion in 'Dart' started by tjb10, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. 2wildT

    2wildT Light Load Member

    Jun 23, 2013
    tjb10, welcome to Dart. I've been here since 2011. I'm running the same package
    you are and love it. I picked my truck up brand new at the factory in Dublin,Va.
    My knees have never felt better since getting the 12 speed auto. Glad to see some
    one is taking the time to document their journey with Dart, I've seen this done for
    other companies. Sounds like you're running the national account. I run the
    national dedicated account and I enjoy it alot. Wife is very happy with Dart because
    she sees that I'm happy......she's not complaining about the take home money
    or my hometime either. Always a good thing. Again welcome!
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  3. tjb10

    tjb10 Bobtail Member

    Oct 23, 2010
    Bradenton, FL
    The down payment depends on the truck. I want to say it was $2k on the new Freightliners they got but I could be wrong. They waived the downpayment on my truck. Also if you don't have it up front they will work with you. They can take it out a bit each settlement. Yes you can buy the truck outright. You just need to call them and ask what the current balance is. There is at balloon payment at the end but it can be refinanced. If you set aside about .07 A mile you could have what is needed for the baloon payment saved in about 2 years depending on your annual miles run.

    This is a walk away lease so worst case just turn the truck in or get something else if it doesn't work out.
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  4. tjb10

    tjb10 Bobtail Member

    Oct 23, 2010
    Bradenton, FL
    Sorry for the delay guys. I'll post more numbers and trip info tomorrow night.

  5. GypsySpirit

    GypsySpirit Bobtail Member

    Jan 7, 2014
    Silently watching with infinite interest. Thinking of switching to Dart, currently finishing lease with CRE only half a month to go.
  6. tjb10

    tjb10 Bobtail Member

    Oct 23, 2010
    Bradenton, FL
    Sorry I haven't been posting my numbers and what not. It's been a crazy few months and I've admittedly also been lazy haha! I have been in the shop about 6 times as well. (mostly because idiots didn't fix the problem right the first time.) The alternator went out so they replaced that under warranty. It was still having issues getting a full charge and after taking it to a few shops (and going back to some of the same ones) they finally believed me and actually inspected the starter properly. One of the posts was cracked on the starter and the nut holding the cables in place was right over the crack so someone would tighten it but it would come lose again going down the road. Starter was replaced under warranty as well I just had to pay for shop time which is BS but whatever it's fixed now. I'll post numbers in the next post.

    BTW whoever designed this engine didn't really think it through. Not only does thee starter sit way too close to the frame, it also happens to sit real close to the leaf springs so good luck trying to get to it yourself and if you do make sure you have a good ratchet set and extension bars...and maybe a ramp to get underneath the truck better.
  7. tjb10

    tjb10 Bobtail Member

    Oct 23, 2010
    Bradenton, FL
    Ok so some of these numbers are horrible because of breakdowns so keep that in mind. Also insurance kicked in December so not making as much. I choose when to settle and get paid not Dart. Most of these are weekly but I did wait longer on others.

    I really have nothing to complain about as far as the company goes. They always keep me moving and they will try to plan you a few loads ahead especially when the weekend comes up. I can't say I like the Volvo shops much in MN. I would have made more money if they fixed the problem right the first time and actually looked more closely at the problem. The Pro Shops (which are a Dart subsidiary) might take forever to get things done but they did the job the first time. The Volvo dealer in Davenport IA was great and I'd take my truck back there any day.

    90% of my loads have been drop and hook.

    Settlement 2
    - 11/21 to 11/26Total Paid Miles 2438
    Total Revenue incl. fuel surcharge: $3310
    Fuel + Additive cost: $1416
    Payments, Taxes, Maintenance etc: $645
    Take home: $1249

    Settlement 3 - 11/27 to 12/04 (Down for repairs 2 days)Total Paid Miles: 2209
    Total Revenue incl. fuel surcharge: $3119
    Fuel + Additive cost: $1724 (used more fuel due to poor mpg in cold weather and idling due to starter problems)
    Payments, Taxes, Maintenance, Repairs etc: $759
    Take home: $636

    Settlement 4 - 12/05 to 12/22 (Down for a total of about 7 days due to repairs)
    Total Paid Miles: 4341
    Total Revenue incl. fuel surcharge: $5891
    Fuel + Additive cost: $2651 (used more fuel due to poor mpg in cold weather with heavy loads and idling)
    Payments, Taxes, Maintenance, Repairs etc: $2509
    Take home: $731

    Settlement 5 - 12/22 to 12/30 (Down for 3 days for shop closed over weekend)
    Total Paid Miles: 2114
    Total Revenue incl. fuel surcharge: $2788
    Fuel + Additive cost: $1505
    Payments, Taxes, Maintenance, Repairs etc: $687
    Take home: $596

    Settlement 6 - 12/31 to 01/08
    Total Paid Miles: 2188
    Total Revenue incl. fuel surcharge: $2971
    Fuel + Additive cost: $1413
    Payments, Taxes, Maintenance, Repairs etc: $838
    Take home: $720
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  8. acido22

    acido22 Light Load Member

    May 11, 2013
    Dude does numbers are horrible.
  9. tjb10

    tjb10 Bobtail Member

    Oct 23, 2010
    Bradenton, FL
    Yes they are for a few reasons: downtime for repairs, holidays where receivers were closed so I had to wait an extra day here and there, took a few days to see family over the holiday, burned too much fuel idling because I didn't want to shut the truck down since the idiot mechanics I dealt with didn't fix the issues with the starter right the first time, some shops were closed as well over the holidays or weekends and I had to get repairs so that meant more downtime. It has nothing to do with Dart as a company and again I chose when to settle not Dart. Also I'm buying a truck in the process of all of this. I'm not a company driver.
  10. jessupguy

    jessupguy Bobtail Member

    Jun 26, 2013
    first thanks for posting your numbers. Really get tired of just trying to get some answer in here and you get everything but. 1st question is can you have a choice of loads or do they forced dispatch? know you have had some problems but does it look like you can get 2800 plus miles in a week and what does your take home look like on that? Looking at a 2013 volvo670 with them. Just did a Celadon lease and that was a joke, had to run 3300 miles a week just to get around $1000 take home. need to be in the $1250 plus take home a week to be worth it. does this look possible with dart? thanks
  11. Computertrucker

    Computertrucker Light Load Member

    Sep 7, 2013
    I've posted on these forums a few times about dart. And want to say welcome to dart to the OP.

    Now I don't run national I'm on a national conglomerated dedicated Georgia Pacific account, so my pay scale is slightly different. But I have ran national in the past.

    Things to know about dart. They are consistant. The OP did a great job breaking down numbers on charges for lease operators. If you finance your truck from outside. You can get a lot more truck for the cost. But hey it's a way in.

    I've leased 1 truck and owned 2 since my time with dart. I just picked up a new 2014 Volvo 780 last week and sold my old 06 KW T2000. However like the OP I started with a lease back in 07. I've made consistant pay checks of over 1300.00 a week take home. With some weeks taking home 1800.00 a week that's clearing after all my expenses. Even when my t2000 was paid off I was putting back .15/mile back for maint. Which was equivalent to a brand new truck payment almost.

    So can you make money at Dart? Yes. Will you have down weeks? Yes. Can you pick and choose your freight? No. Is it forced dispatch? Not on national, dedicated your not supposed to turn down loads. However. I turned one down last week. It's my truck and my business and I'm not in business to pay them to haul their freight. Which is what I told them. I got a better load the next morning. All this being said. Dart is a legit company. You can make an honest living here. Your not going to get rich. And your going to hear it from other holier than thou owner operators that your not making enough. Well I've had my 4000.00 down months and I've had my 8000.00 good months net. I think I'm doing ok. And anyone willing to work here will. Well unless they get a lemon or a truck that gets terrible fuel economy. But that's part of the risk with becoming an owner OP.

    To to the OP my suggestion is this. On top of your expenses put back 20.00 for every 100.00 you clear. For taxes, and don't listen to all the self proclaimed tax experts that say you won't need to. Because you will. And pay your quarterlies. If you don't the IRS will come calling. I know from personal Experience.
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