My time at CR England's CDL School & 9 month experience / review

Discussion in 'CR England' started by TexasBoy, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Mar 24, 2014

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    i sent an application to CRE, they're bussing me on the 10th down to fontana, CA (i live in the central valley), i have a CDL and have worked at swift for 11 months (back in 2013-14) with 3 preventable accidents that swift is reporting (got stuck 3 times twice in the mud and once in the sand). CRE approved my application where many other trucking companies did not so im just happy to get my foot back in the door
    i read the entire thread, this helps to shed at least some light on what to expect and what to do moving forward
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    Good for you for getting back on the horse!
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    Dude, you totally need a tat of an 18wheeler sunk into mudd!!

    Do you like the band Primus?
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    Jul 17, 2015
    How do you get stuck in mud or sand? I'm looking at becoming a driver and need to understand these things. Was it something you were doing that can be corrected? Thanks!
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    It's never a good idea to take an 80,000 LB truck into sand or mud, unless you're hauling logs and don't mind using chains or will have a skidder handy to pull-you-out. #### happens, but it helps if you stay clear of sand and mud.
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    I understand that much. So my question to Mudding was how did he get there in the first place. What were the circumstances.
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    Nov 6, 2014
    We had a driver stuck in the snow, at the reciever. It snowed like 5 inches that day and completely covered the whole entire area. So, now you have to guess where the road. There are lot of ways you can get stuck, specially in the winter. I've been stuck right in the yard, but luckily I was in the bobtail so I rocked my way out.
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    Lmao.. Been a good long time since I been on the site soooooo my story with CRE was cut short a few months in.

    They had me team driving with this dude about 2 times the size of me and 6'2 (I was around 165 at the time).. Dude could've been in the NFL.

    Well long story short, we were over the road together for 3 months and during those months he started suspecting me of going through his stuff sometimes. I would be driving and I could literally feel him just staring at me from the passenger seat sometimes.

    So one day I'm driving in Illinois and he's up and in the passenger seat.. He tells me to pull over to the next rest area. I said cool bro you gotta piss or what.. He said just pull over. So we get into the rest area, I park the truck.. As soon as I park, he gets up and stands right next to me saying 'have you been going through my ****?!'.. I told him no. He proceeds to keep saying 'I know you've been going through my **** mother ******'.. Mind you the whole time I'm sitting down, seatbelt still on. The dude is standing up and taking the whole cab it seemed like. I keep telling him no, why would I go through your stuff, and why would you think that. He said you know what, let's go outside.

    Me, the prior service Airborne **** that I am, I said you know what I'll go outside. Soon as I get out the truck he runs and tackles me and we end up going at it at the rest stop. Whole crowd of people watching and freaking out. He left me with a busted eye and I got him a few times when he was on top of me but nothing compared to that good ol fashion beat down I got lol. Mind you, this whole time, from the request to pull over, to the time he tackled me, he had the look of a true psycho in his eyes.. I'm talkin about bulging out eyes wide open. After a while of us going at it he gets up and gets in the truck.

    He tried to leave the rest area and take all my crap with him in the truck. I'm telling him not to leave cause I have all my stuff in the truck. Clothes, laptop, phone.. I end up standing a few feet in front of the truck and the dude drives forward as if he was gonna run me over. After a little while of him doing that I just let him go and we called the cops. They pulled him over and arrested him and meanwhile they had took me to the hospital because that whole time that we were going at it, I was on the ground and punching me in the head so I had gashes behind my head that I didn't know about. They had a cop in the ER with me and I asked him why he was there. And he told me that he was there because he was supposed to arrest me too but can't because I was in the ER. So after they got the stories straight and from the witnesses who saw the whole thing from start to finish, they saw that it was just self defense and let me off. We dropped charges a while after.

    But after the whole thing, I told CRE that I couldn't work with them anymore and didn't ever want to be part of a team position ever again after that. So I left. And left with a big ol bill which to this day they're still sending me in my mail. A bill I'm finally gonna pay this tax season btw cause they're offering a cheap buyout that I can't resist.

    Since then I've had better opportunities, got about 20 months OTR experience, had worked 10 months with owner operators, and now have my tanker endorsement and soon to be going to Schneider tankers to get some OTR tanker experience for the future. Oh and I also had the experience of getting ran over by a bobtail while one of my coworkers from the owner op company was backing up and didn't see me there. That's another story. Was pretty hurt and left with some mean scars on my legs and arms and also two fractured fingers but I survived. Few weeks later the owner of that company sold it to someone else.. I wonder why
    Couldn't sue though cause they blamed it as both of our fault in the accident record.

    Was a nice experience knowing that I've cheated death for so long. Overall its been a crazy journey fellas. I will never see CRE the same again though.

    Its funny to look at it now. And now going back to Schneider again after almost 2 years. Was Regional dry van with them for 3 months but left for family issues. So far they have been the best company I've worked for driving wise and actually treat people with respect and not a number. Which is why I've chose to go back. This time with plenty of experience, and cause they're starting me off at .49cpm

    I wish anyone reading this that is going to CRE the best of luck. And I'll tell you this right now.. If you are not sure about your teammate or feel unsafe for WHATEVER reason.. Then tell your DBL, manager or whoever you need to tell. Cause its really not worth it. Honestly I'm kind of thankful I have my life still cause if yoi would've seen this guy and the way he was, you'd think the same. Glad he didn't have a knife or anything.

    For .23cpm its just not worth it. Good luck drivers.

    I'll post my Schneider experience soon on a different thread
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