"N" stays lit in gear indicator, after engine is shut down, Gen 1 Auto-Shift

Discussion in 'Peterbilt Forum' started by Mr. Cob, May 8, 2024.

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    Howdy All, ATTENTION @pushbroom

    Thank God I don't need my truck to make living after a five month ordeal it's running again. Bought a re-manufactured XY shifter from Weller Truck Parts, they have a good reputation for quality parts but after fighting the XY shifter they sent me for months I finally took my old XY shifter, swapped out the drive motors from another old XY shifter, put that in the truck and it WORKED. That proved to me the rebuilt XY shifter was junk. Weller, sent me another XY shifter, I just finished installing it and taking it for a 20 mile test drive. It finds neutral, it shifts through all the gears up and down, it skip shifts, it seems to be working well.

    However, when place the shifter in neutral, turn the engine off, the "N" stays lit up in the gear indicator. I have owned this truck for the last 7 years, in the past when I shut the truck down sometimes the "N" would stay lit for 15 seconds a minuet at most. The truck has been shut down now for over 20 minuets and the "N" is still displayed in the gear indicator. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening, is it something to be concerned about? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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