Need Expert Advice On Mp7 Cam removal.

Discussion in 'Mack Forum' started by bigmackdaddy77, Oct 6, 2019.

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    What is Going on Gentleman :)

    Just looking For some Quick professional Guidance here and i believe there is my guardian angle out here lol

    My buddys Mack Gu813/ Roll off Which he got from the auction was running fine for 6 months then Was having the Usual Hard start and it finally came to the point where he had enough of hearing his driver Complaining/priming everyday and finaly decided to Open up the wallet and thats when he called me , So i did some Diagnosing checking for stuck check valves/ check for broken/loose lines/ Run the Clear fuel return Line from the head and noticed very large amount of Air Bubbles . I told him he will need a Six pack most likely and it turned out he did he still had the original copper sleeves in it which were shot but made it about 200k .Now I have Just finished Installing his New Stainless Steel cups And new Injectors/ reprogrammed the injectors but i noticed as i was turning over, His Injector Lobe #3 , and Exhaust #5 on his camshaft, had some nice Chunks missing in Them and The rockers have Scrapes on The Same lobes aswell not as bad though So, Lucky me He has ordered the Camshaft/New rocker Assembly and looks like it Will be Arriving Sometimes this week

    So Now comes The advice part Bear with me experts as i have never done a Cam on These Mp Engines : I have Read The manual on Emedia and its looks like there is a bunch of tools do the job Like there is a Special tool kit to Align The Camshaft which is a bit Pricey Also a Cam Press Tool, etc , So My Question Is if You can Go about doing this Without All these Special tools as i cannot justify spending 2000$ on tools if i might not even use Them? Wouldn't i not Just be able to Set the Engine at TDC at the #1 cam Cap and Mark the Teeth on The Cam gear/Upper Gear, remove dampener/gear then remove the Upper Caps Then Remove The Camshaft , And vice Versa To install and of course Check the Lash Between the Gears. Thanks everyone in advance
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