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    Mar 24, 2020
    The Economic Statistical Methods Division of the US Census Bureau is looking for commercial truck drivers to participate in an hour long interview about their vehicles. If you qualify and complete the interview, we will give you $40 as a thank you!

    1. Must currently be or have been in the last three weeks responsible for a commercial truck or trucking fleet;
    2. Must be knowledgeable about the truck(s)' uses, maintenance, and other information;
    3. Must have access to a telephone and an internet connected computer;
    4. Must be 18 years old or older to participate.
    This is your opportunity to make sure that we "get it right" when we ask for feedback on your vehicle(s)! Contact information is below; please consider helping us out! All interviews will be conducted remotely, using either the telephone or web conferencing depending on your capabilities. Thank you!

    Melissa Cidade, Survey Statistician
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    Mar 12, 2007
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    Some of us have a lifetime of knowledge such as it is. Maybe applicable maybe not. Your limited 3 week recent excludes too many of these useful people. Everything we are dealing with today and three weeks ago started with the ELD mandate years ago and the changes in HOS years before that. Combined with the flawed emissions systems that has been in the industry since about 2003. Then you have your economic losses paying .36 a mile for the last 35 years while driver turn over exceeds 150% The recent clearing house excluded 3000 drivers from the industry in the first 3 to 4 weeks of operation since Jan 6th of this year. Those drivers will not be available to run 18 wheelers again in their lifetime. The current Covid19 is putting a stress on the industry. I understand in the UK Military Personel are recieving emergency education on how to run a 18 wheeler and at the same time being taught how to deliver Oxygen to central Hospital systems across the UK as soon they master the lessons. All of the hospitals there need huge amounts of oxygen delivered by trailer truck. and there are not enough normal hazmat and tanker certified drivers to go around to fill that demand.

    And finally but not least. You have DMV's closed and shut for months. You already are experiencing a stiaution where FMCSA and DOT issues orders to Law Enforcement to actually ignore expired CDL's and DOT medical cards until Aug 1 I think it is. (More or less that date) and provide a mechanism for expired drivers to keep on trucking. AND waive those with learners permits to simply upgrade straight to CDL A without the requirement to keep learners permit A license for a minimum of 14 days. So faster they can be licensed to drive 18 wheelers.

    Should I go on? If enough retail and associated demand goes to Zero in the USA by summer, trucking will also go to very close to zero. And boom drivers sitting on that nice unemployment which according to the third bill being fought over today in the Senate will offer 24.03 per hour unemployment for a minimum of 40 hours a week and assure your average full salary and wages are met prior to losing your job due to Covid19.

    Why should they rush to get back to work when it profits much more to stay home to work on being healthy for their families. Why should employers stay open and endure all these people to be kept on payroll against loans that will never be repaid.?

    By Fall this Nation will have pernamently lost a certain percentage of employers across the board and probably has decided to close up also anything that is costly or perhaps not conductive to fast profits. If my family still have our tavern open today, they would have closed up tonight, laid off the people and a for sale sign put on the building tomorrow. Especially after the Governor ordered us closed.

    Why? In that particular business Natural gas for heat, hot water and cooking averages 3000 a month. If you stopped all income and closed the place the next bill is 3000. Where is that money going to come from? Electricity is another 2000. Where is that money going to come from? The food and beer will be thrown out. Thats about 10,000 in losses to start.

    You will never make that back even if you were 24/7 wall to wall customers all year. There is no point. Poof. Close it.

    What you will have is about 6 employees on unemployment without challenge from owner of business. Pernamently. Unless they decide to abandon service jobs as a living and hit the trucking school to learn how to drive a big rig for a 5000 dollar cost to themselves.
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