need help with medical history on dot physical

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by MrNick, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. REO6205

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    Feb 15, 2014
    0 long ago did you stop taking your meds?
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  3. MrNick

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    Jun 12, 2015
    I was sent to this doctor 11 or 12 years ago by my parents who told me if I don’t see a therapist I was going to be kicked out of the house. This does not mean I have a mental illness. This was because of an argument I don’t even remember what it was about. So I went to see a therapist who then forwarded me to their in house psychiatrist which is part of their program at this family clinic. The doctor writes me prescriptions for meds and at the time I took them because I thought they would make me feel better. It didn’t really change anything. From what I’ve read on trucking forums there are many people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses and are taking medication and they are approved by DOT examiners. I’ve even seen someone say they were hospitalized for a suicide attempt and that person is passing DOT physicals. The guy you were talking about who picked up a rifle at an army base that person could have a mental illness but that doesn’t mean that’s the reason they did that. That person could have been a psychopath. Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they are looking to harm people. The truth is mentally ill people are in their own suffering. Many of these people are not violent. I don’t consider myself to be mentally ill but in the past a doctor has. Did this doctor know every detail of my life? No. Did this doctor know I was broke and struggling to pay bills? No. Did this doctor know I was being bullied? No. In my case I think what happened is I was living a hard life. No money, No job, Not knowing what to do. I went to a clinic and they called it whatever they wanted. Now it’s in a record at this clinics building. 2 days ago I went there to sign a release so I could see exactly what these records say. I’m going to wait to get these records. Read everything. Then find a new psychiatrist and ask for a new diagnosis. That’s the best I can do. Because I’m not going to lie to the ####ing government and run the risk of getting myself thrown in jail cause I was stupid enough to keep my mouth shut. I have no criminal record. I have a clean license. I’m a non violent person.
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  4. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I quit talking to my parents about the Middle School years. It always starts off at dinner "How's School today"

    after 6 months of that I simply told them you can pull the Baltimore County's Teacher's day plan for my classes and find out how it was. And then stopped talking about school to them.

    They sent me to a shrink. In the third visit too many questions was formatted as if my parents would ask them. I told the Therapist that there is no more value in visiting anymore because all it will do is drain money from the bank to her and the information flows back to the parents. So If I am asked at home or asked here in the office makes no difference when I quit talking to the therapist as well.

    The next one started talking medicines in the deaf school. I told him forget it. It's stressful yes but nothing I cannot handle with a few minutes with the problem classmate somewhere away from supervision. It will come out one way or the other and the School nurse will be more than happy to patch us up after.

    Then when I hit 18 I directed the entire student records file under me, which contains some damning letters vs my mother out of Kennedy Insitute in Baltimore City and a couple of other things that it's not good on my end to be destroyed by the state. And they did. Destroyed. Poof everything 18 back to 2 does not exist anymore other than the transcript from high school and a couple of other things.

    I read your post and found it very good. You know what? I think you are not the one with the problems at all. Your parents put you into a bad position and it did not go well. That's something that really is not that big of a deal anymore. For a while I leaned into Mental Health as a source of trouble in Trucking, but realized after your writing that you are already crazy enough to become an American Truck Driver. =) You fit right in.

    I don't see a problem anywhere, have get your DOT medical remembering the yes and no to any questions check boxes on the sheet given to you (Aka Long form) and pass your physical. Takes 10 minutes easy peasy. Then remember your renewal day as your DOT medical will be tied to your CDL A etc.

    Im sorry I wrote so much but after again, your response, I don't see a problem anywhere. Have at it.

    Disclaimer: There are things in my teen years that did not go very well and the Law was brought in a time or two. However I have passed in my lifetime as a adult various Background checks that are pretty deep. And was able to proceed forward without any issues in the things that the Background checks were successful. But I do remember some things that were for a really bad day and that is dead and buried a long long time ago as it should be.

    Fast forward to today's society with cameras everywhere, I must think that it is impossible for a boy or girl to grow up normally being constantly on camera for a whole bunch of stuff best forgotten.

    Maybe I am the crazy one. Having long accepted any situation in which normal people would have a hard time dealing with.
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  5. Old-school trucker

    Old-school trucker Light Load Member

    Sep 12, 2016
    That's exactly what you should do. Be honest and tell everything. I mean who on here knows anything. Honesty is always the best. Make sure you tell the company you apply for also that you are under a psychiatrist
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