Need some advice on my MGIB (Military)

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    Hay guys, im in need of some advice.

    I have the MGIB (Regular) right now, with the option to swap it for the Post 911. I would like to know what works best for CDL School's. I have been reading the VA website but have a hard time finding my answer. I know there are a few of us that have beenj through the transition process before. Thanks
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    The information on there is outdated. As of Oct 2011, you can use the Post 9/11 Bill for trade/vocational schools as well as apprenticeships and OJT. With the Post 9/11 GI Bill, if you go to a community college, you would rate the BAH and the tuition. I haven't seen many (non-company sponsored) CDL schools that accept the Post 9/11. I know National Training would accept the Montgomery, but only for the Independent Trucker Program, which basically is double the online work, but same 3 weeks of driving time.

    If you go to a company sponsored, VA approved school, you can use the GI bill for the apprenticeship part, which you can use for the first year of employment and get 100% BAH for the first 6 Months, 80% for the second 6 Months, and $83 a month for books and supplies, Under the Montgomery, you can get $1104.75 for the first 6, then $8xx.xx for the next 6.

    My personal opinion, if you have the money or can finance the school, do that and get tuition rembursement from a company, and save your GI benefits till you want to pursue a degree. Its what I would do if I were in your position, but it may not be the best option for you. You could also use TA while/if your still in to get your CDL before you get out.
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    Simple answer, Post/911 GI Bill will cover all your tuition. Better than the Mont GI for truck school
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    If you are a 100% eligible the Post 9/11 will pay for your tuition, give you a book stipend and also give you money for housing. The money for housing is based on a E-5 in the zip code near you. If your going to a trucking school and they are approved by the VA they should have a financial aid person to speak to and they can tell you exactly what your entitlements would be for someone who is 100% eligible.
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    Well if this helps any I just got my CDL and I am a veteran. I had to go through the same process. I switched and the Post 9/11 paid for my school and I got paid the BAH for housing the days I was in school. If you have not started school yet. Look into Roadmaster Driving School they are covered under the Post 9/11 as an approved school. Also go to and register online under the education tab to change from the regular MGIB to the Post 9/11. Switching to the Post 9/11 was better for me and most companies have a Military Apprentience Program that offers benefits for education also. Hope this helped. Happy Trucking and see you on the road someday.
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