Need to get rid of 40' trailer on my property quickly

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  1. GaveUpOnTV

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Roseville, Ca
    I have some property in Pilot Hill Ca 95664. I have had a 40' trailer, that was built in 1972 up there for 3 years, that I have stored construction materials and other stuff that I couldn't fit in my apartment.
    Anyway, I've gotten tagged by the sheriff's dept. and have to get rid of the trailer quickly. I misunderstood the appeal process for the 'abatement' process, and they've already taken a vintage 1967 VW, and I didn't realize it until 11 days after it was gone-the bill was over $1000 (towing, storage, and other fees) I just signed the title over to the tow company in exchange for not 'going after' me in collections (which I'm grateful for, the guy didn't have to) I've since talked to the sheriff and he's says that he won't have it towed until after Tuesday and I tentatively have a buyer which unfortunately understands that I need to get rid of the trailer in a hurry, and I'm afraid he's going to wait for the last moment and then drop his price, knowing I'm under the gun. We've agreed on a price of $500, and I can deal with the price-the alternative is big bucks for a tow charge, and where do I put it anyway now that I can't put it on my property?
    It has some rot in the plywood covering the walls near the bottom of the sides (but it could be replaced) but the body is straight. It has some rust in a side door. It hasn't been licensed for a lot of years and I don't have a title (I'd give a bill of sale, of course)
    It's really ideal for storage, unless you wanted to put some work in it. The tires are all good though (when I moved it 3 years ago we had to air up one tire.
    Does anybody know a place in the Sacramento area that buys this type of thing?
  2. passingthru69

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    Question, It is on your land correct?

    What gives them the right to tell you that you have to move it??

    #### commies
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  3. Spacer

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    Dec 8, 2008
    Little Rock, AR
    Then, you can also spend decades paying off "your" property, only to owe rent to whatever bunch of thugs are collecting property taxes. Stop paying it, and you'll be evicted as sure as if you were a slum tenant.
  4. GaveUpOnTV

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Roseville, Ca
    I know, it's amazing isn't it?
    You just turn in your neighbor for basically anything that can be construed as a nuisance, or they claim that 'pests' can live in it, it's ridiculous (and anonymous of course)
    You should see what you have to do (and the fees!) for building a barn (not to mention a house)
    You have to get a permit to drill a well (and a ~$400 permit fee) it goes on, and on.
    I heard all the hippies moved up to El Dorado County after the 60's. Beautiful country though.
    Obviously, I wish I had sold before the real estate bubble exploded, but I don't want to sell now until it goes up again (if it does!)
  5. passingthru69

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    Yep I hear you.
    We were building a new shed on my mom's place last summer.
    Got busted for no building permit..
    I asked and found out if it was 2 feet shorter would not of needed permit. Go figure.

    Plus all the hassles of having an inspector come out and check the wiring and anchor ties to keep the building from flying away..

    We live in south Ga.

    Well good luck in getting rid of the trl.

    Did they even give you notice before about having to move the car and trl. or did they just come and tresspass on your property and take it??
  6. Native Dancer

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    Dec 28, 2007
    Portland, Or.
    What happened to the VW? A 67 in half decent shape would be worth more than $1,000. They are fairly rare.
  7. GaveUpOnTV

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Roseville, Ca
    Native-I signed over the title to G&O towing last week. They are in Placerville. I can give you the phone number if you like. The VW had a great body, something was wrong with the engine, it stopped running suddenly, and when I was setting the valves (trying to troubleshoot) something was goofy in there, I had the feeling maybe the timing chain broke or something serious. The interior was original but old.
    By the time I found out it had been towed, 11 days had passed. I didn't think it was worth $1000, although I know the '67 is a one of a kind year, first year for 12V, last year for tubular bumpers. The four fenders and deck lid only work (I guess they fit, but it's not stock) for the one year. I heard people say that it's the last of the classic years for the VW.
    I did notice when I signed the title over that it was 'salvaged', but I never noticed that it had been in a accident, but it was a long time ago that I last drove it, and it was 'transportation' and I might have not noticed.
    I wanted to put this 2.0 type IV engine (914) in it (which I still have, but the swing axle VW's roll pretty easy (I rolled a NICE '57 oval window when I was 22-23 yrs. old) and I'd like to get a '69 or newer bug (with CV joints).
    The guy at the junkyard seemed a decent guy, maybe he'd sell the bug cheaply. I'm not working and have been living off my savings, I can't buy my VW back when it was worth (IMO) less than the tow bill.
    It really would have been nice to let me know that I had lost the hearing, or that my car had been towed. When I signed up for the appeal, I gave them all my contact information, but I guess that was too much work-to give me a call.

    The guy I tenatively made a deal with for the trailer gave me a call this morning. We're going to meet in 2 hours up at my property. If he's going to 'low ball' me, I'll know in a couple of hours. We've already gone down from $700 initially offered (sight unseen, though) to $500 now. It would be nice to know if I could sell it elsewhere quickly, but I guess that's what happens when you don't read the governments paperwork carefully enough!!

    Anybody know where the borders to America are these days?
    I'd like to move there, I remember what it was like. You could go to K-Mart and buy .22 ammo and no id required (although the id thing has gone thru Ca more than once) You could do things then, and it was none of the governments business if you did. Seems like the government has their hands in EVERYTHING now.
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    Sep 21, 2009
    Sorrento, Louisiana
    Try phoning the Police dept and leaving an anonymous tip that "some guy at (your address) is selling something funny outa this trailer". Then put a heavy padlock and chain onnit like there was sumpin in there. Cops will drag away the trailer and tear it apart looking for "drug traces" or "evidence". Then you can sue their butts off for damaging your "valuable storage trailer", property damage from towing it, mental stress, damage to your reputation. Dang, you may never have to work again.:biggrin_2559:
  9. GaveUpOnTV

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Roseville, Ca
    Kittyfoot-that's not a bad idea, stranger things have happened!

    I went out to my property this morning and sold it for $500 cash. It worked out as well as it could considering what would have happened if it was towed. I think the only reason it wasn't already gone is that it's been raining steadily here for a week. I don't think the sheriff cut me any slack, they just couldn't get anybody to tow it right now.

    Thanks for all your replies!
  10. Mooney

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    Do like Radar on MASH, take it out a piece at a time.
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