NEW Company driver, Anything i need to know?

Discussion in 'Anderson' started by skeeterhoss, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. skeeterhoss

    skeeterhoss Bobtail Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    Notheast US
    I have 2 years otr and i was woundering what to expect with ats as a company van driver when i start?
    Ive read alot of other posts that are more focused on the o/o or l/o part of the company but, very little when it comes to company drivers.

    Ok, Here are some of the questions that i have!

    1-Do the company trucks come with apu's?

    2-What should i expect at orientation and how long is orientation and is it a payed orientation?

    3-How is the motel that ATS puts you in during orientation?

    4-Does ATS pay your way from home to orientation or if you want to take your own vehicle to orientation do you get reimbursed?

    5-After orientation how long till your assigned or get to pick a truck?

    6-With freight being tight what kind of a load shoulds i expect?

    7-Does the company pay for tolls and lumpers?

    8-Do the trucks have prepass or prepass plus and if so how much does the driver get charged for the usage?

    9-How is the shop and road breakdown departments at ats when it comes to issues with the truck and how long should i expect to wait?

    10-Does the company use comdata and if not how and when do the company drivers get payed?

    11-What about when it comes to running nyc or chicago?

    12-On avarage how long are you out before you get hometime if your a company driver?

    13-What is ats's pet/rider policy for company drivers?

    14-What is the company's layover and retention policy and what other non listed things do company drivers get payed for or charged for that the company dosent tell you upfront?

    Thats just some of the questions that i have about ATS before going to orientation.
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  3. canuck in da truck

    canuck in da truck Road Train Member

    Aug 6, 2010
    western pa
    thease questions are onees you should ask before even going to orientation--might be a good idea to call and ask some of these before you go--so hopefully you get the right answer
    but please keep the thread going--cause i am interested in anderson as well--
  4. passingthru69

    passingthru69 Road Train Member

    van side no apu's unless they just started that.

    normal get to know program. 3 days I believe. they give you cash for supper.

    hotel is nice. no wifi. though. be nice to Michelle. She is the day boss..

    they pay your ticket. they used to pay if you bring yourself.

    you will get the trk. when they want too. wait 6 months.. just joking. same week.

    they pay tolls on company trks.. o/o only if rted that way and lded. no mty.

    yes they have prepass. no charge if company. charge for us o/o

    stuck on hold at times for road service.. the shops well I guess it depends on how busy they are.. You will find out you are not #1, when you get there. take your turn in line.

    They use t/check cards. you can have direct deposit or they will load it on your fuel card.. But when you go out of service for time off your card gets shut off. Thus no acess to your money... Company pay is Fri. o/o is thurs.

    I believe the van guys will run into NY city and yes all major cities.. part of the job..

    Home, What's that.??? been away from home since March this year.. Read where I live..

    Not sure on pets, They had some really bad issues again with drivers not taking care of their pets. So check that out..

    Do not know on layover for van company drivers. I'm o/o heavy haul

    Like Canuck stated, You should of really be asking the rec. people about this before coming over..

    Me I will give you this advice for free, but any more consulting will incur fees. I take cash only...haha
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